Advanced search operators

Advanced search operators

Over the next few days, we’ll be rolling out advanced search operators to the Google+ search box to assist you in refining your Google+ search queries. For example, I typed from:”Ina Gat” has:photo commenter:me into the search box and rediscovered this nice bokeh shot from Ina Gat.

You can search for posts that have particular attachments (like has:poll), posts where you were mentioned (like mention:me), posts before or after a date (like before:2016-04-01), posts in communities or collections, and more! You can even use operators like AND, NOT, and OR.

Read the complete set of rules at:


We’re releasing Zapier integration to public beta.

We’re releasing Zapier integration to public beta.

Use invitation link to join the public beta

Social media automation can help you to save time, achieve more and faster when done right and now you can automate core Friends+Me actions like create a new post and draft.

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