Schedule and Publish to Instagram

Schedule and Publish to Instagram

Today is a big day; we’re releasing a beta version of Instagram support to the public. Every Friends+Me user can give it a try and schedule and publish pictures to business and personal Instagram accounts during 7-day trial.

We will publish your posts for you, no phone required, no annoying post reminders anymore.

Friends+Me posts using physical real-world Android phones, all running latest official Instagram application. No Instagram private API is used, we are inline with Instagram’s terms and conditions

We’ve prepared a short article to show you how to connect your Instagram account
You can schedule and publish posts to your connected Instagram queues as usual.

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We’re releasing Zapier integration to public beta.

We’re releasing Zapier integration to public beta.

Use invitation link to join the public beta

Social media automation can help you to save time, achieve more and faster when done right and now you can automate core Friends+Me actions like create a new post and draft.

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We have a Christmas gift for you!

We have a Christmas gift for you!

Our very first mobile application (Android, iOS) that will enable you to publish / schedule / share posts from your mobile devices.

iOS Apple Store –

Android Play Store –

It is a very basic application at the moment and we’ll keep adding more and more features until it’s a fully featured alternative to our web application.

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year!

Schedule posts for Google+ Profiles and Collections without the browser running all the time!

Schedule posts for Google+ Profiles and Collections without the browser running all the time!

I am happy to announce that Google+ team has taken another step in the right direction and made it possible to publish to Google+ profiles and collections to all Google+ partners.

So from now on, Friends+Me users are going to be able to schedule and publish posts for Google+ profiles and collections without the need to keep the browser with the Friends+Me extension up and running all the time!

We’ve almost lost all hopes but it’s finally here! How cool is that!

All you have to do is to reconnect your already connected Google+ Profile and Page accounts to enable this new feature.
The feature will be automatically enabled for all accounts you’ll connect from now on.

There’s a catch. The extended Google+ API do not support publishing to Google Apps profiles, only vanilla Google profiles are supported at the moment. Google+ team promised to remove this limitation soon.

Let me know what you think of this new feature.

Enjoy 🙂

How to reconnect account?

New Unlimited Pricing – Pay For What You Use

New Unlimited Pricing – Pay For What You Use

Have you ever wanted to have a better control over cost of social media tools you use? Well, now you can!

I’d like to introduce you our new unlimited pricing Pay For What You Use. No longer you have to pick a premium plan that offers way too much or way too little. Pay only for social profiles you connect and for team members you really want to invite to help you to manage your social media empire.

Migrate your Friends+Me account to the new Pay For What You Use plan and get $9 credit for FREE!

Get access to all Friends+Me features with no exception, unlimited.

What features can I get access to?

* Pay only for what you use!
* (new) Bulks Schedule posts
* Repost from Google+ to any connected account (Pinterest and Google+ included)
* Fast repost interval 1-10 minutes
* Connect unlimited number of accounts
* Queue unlimited number of posts
* Invite unlimited number of team members
* … and much more

You’ll get a free bonus! Accounts of type Google+ Collection & Community, Pinterest Board, Tumblr Blog are completely free of charge!

Then, what you’ll be charged for? All you will pay for is every additional team member (you have free access) and for every connected social profile (Google+ Profile & Page, Pinterest Profile, Facebook Profile & Page & Group, Twitter Profile, Linkedin Profile & Company Page, Tumblr Profile).

Let me give you an example. You connect your Google+ Page for which you’ll be charged for and then you can connect all Google+ collections and communities the page have access to. The same applies for Pinterest, you pay only for connected Pinterest profile and all connected boards are free of charge. How cool is that!

Pay For What You Use, how does it work exactly? You are charged daily (pro-rated amount) per connected social profile ($0.09863 daily) and per additional team member ($0.19726 daily) and the cost is gradually deducted from your credit. You can top up your account anytime you want. Funds are valid for one year and every recharge extends the expiration.

How does this affect me? Let me assure you that no existing free or premium account will be affected by this new pricing as we grandfather all existing users. So if you’re on forever free plan or any premium plan you can keep the plan, nothing changes for you unless you want to.

If you have any questions or if you’d like us to migrate your premium or free account to Pay For What You Use plan and claim your free $9 credit, just send us an email to and we’ll get right back to you.