Hi Everyone,

Hi Everyone,

We’ve just released Google+ Exporter, an application that helps you to export your Google+ feeds (profile, pages, collections, communities, including all comments) to WordPress eXtended RSS file.

Another available option is to export all posts published to profile, pages, collections, and communities to JSON file, including all comments!

Transform exported JSON data can into imports for other services, or you can use JSON export as a full generic backup of your posts.

The free version of the application enables you to export up to 3000 posts. You can buy a license key to get unlimited experience.

I would love to know your opinion, suggestions or requests. Thank you!

You can find more detailed info in the blog post https://blog.friendsplus.me/export-google-plus-feeds-45926c925891

UPDATE: release 1.0.5:

Downloadable from https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jkaut9054xzwd1e/AAAkXT7j7I8qi7ryMJqBx0oxa?dl=0&lst=

What’s new:
* fixed posts comments download. We recommend re-downloading all feeds to fetch missing comments.
* fixed message compilation for WP export
* WP export now with comments
* export collections and communities separately
* configurable exports, pick whether you want to export private posts and comments

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Goodbye, Google+: A eulogy for the last great social network

Goodbye, Google+: A eulogy for the last great social network

(Read my column: https://goo.gl/VpmzYS)

Here’s my long-promised eulogy for Google+, where I argue that Google+ really started dying in 2014.

I hope you agree with everything I wrote here, and would love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments.


(Pic props to Thomas Hawk)


I am pretty sure MeWe is not the right solution to the social web problem too.

I am pretty sure MeWe is not the right solution to the social web problem too.

For Plussers, it may look like the best solution to move to from G+ because MeWe offers very similar feature set and the app feel is very close to the original G+ but doesn’t solve the fundamental problem that it’s a network backed by a company that may or may not go out of business anytime. Just like Google decided to kill the G+ they just may for whatever reason run out of money and choose to close the network too. There’s no guarantee it will not happen and what then? Problem is still the same.

The only real solution to this problem is a point-to-point solution like the Scuttlebutt https://www.scuttlebutt.nz/ where you own your data, and no single point of failure is involved such as company running the platform on its servers.

The Scuttlebutt project architecture makes sense, feels like a real solution to the social web problem, used technology is superb, and the momentum is there too. I recommend this talk by André Staltz – Reinvent the social web https://staltz.com/reinvent-the-social-web.html if you’d like to know more.

I’d love to know your opinion!

Share from Google Drive launched for Google+ posts.

Share from Google Drive launched for Google+ posts.

This is probably a more significant update for G Suite users, where sharing and discussing documents on posts visible only within the domain could be extremely useful.

Users need to remember that Google Drive permissions for the shared document are separate from any access control list (circle or mentions) that govern permission of the post itself, though this is detailed in a warning dialogue prior to sharing.

The share posts help page has been updated to reflect the addition.

Google+ Update for GSuite: Add users and Google Groups to domain-restricted Google+ Communities

Google+ Update for GSuite: Add users and Google Groups to domain-restricted Google+ Communities

We’re adding the ability to directly add users and Google Groups as members of Google+ Communities. When a moderator adds a group, group members are automatically added to the community. Subsequent updates to the group membership are automatically reflected in the community membership.

Read more: https://gsuiteupdates.googleblog.com/2018/08/add-users-and-google-groups-to-domain.html

H/T: Peggy K


Several Android and iOS updates

Several Android and iOS updates

Hey Plussers, I have a few mobile app updates to let you know about which are coming over the next few days, I hope you enjoy them:

Delete, report, block with the option to delete recent comments will be arriving on Android and iOS. This is the mobile version of the web feature we announced a while back: plus.google.com/+LeoDeegan/posts/W41tDQy1gj1

Ban community member post option will be arriving on iOS. This feature is already on Android and Web.

Prioritized plus-mention suggestions will be arriving on Android. This feature prioritizes post owners and commenters in the plus-mention auto-complete suggestion list.This feature is already on iOS and Web. In addition, we will be improving the overall auto-complete suggestions in general on all three client platforms.

White top navigation bar (you may have already noticed) is rolled out to Android, replacing the red bar, which matches iOS and Web.

In addition, we’re continuing to investigate and improve memory and performance of the new Android app that we recently launched (plus.google.com/+LeoDeegan/posts/JyiKjbArhrH).

Cheers, and, incidentally, I’m not actually blocking Steven, he’s a teammate and one of the engineers that helped build these features 😉

Schedule and Publish to Instagram

Schedule and Publish to Instagram

Today is a big day; we’re releasing a beta version of Instagram support to the public. Every Friends+Me user can give it a try and schedule and publish pictures to business and personal Instagram accounts during 7-day trial.

We will publish your posts for you, no phone required, no annoying post reminders anymore.

Friends+Me posts using physical real-world Android phones, all running latest official Instagram application. No Instagram private API is used, we are inline with Instagram’s terms and conditions

We’ve prepared a short article to show you how to connect your Instagram account https://help.friendsplus.me/article/32-how-to-add-instagram-queue
You can schedule and publish posts to your connected Instagram queues as usual.

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G+ Android app update

G+ Android app update

Hey folks, over the next several days, we’ll be enabling a brand new version of the G+ Android app. Though it very closely resembles the current app, this new version is the culmination of a complete rewrite of many core features using Google’s latest Android app infrastructure which will allow our Android team to build new features on a modern tech stack.

During the rewrite, we were able to build in some subtle updates. For instance, stream rendering and scrolling have been improved, the photo lightbox has been redesigned, comment options slide up from a bottom sheet, and grey-spammed comments are now viewable by post authors.

Since this is a rewrite, there are a few known issues that we’re working through. For instance, leaving a comment on a post causes a full refresh of the post to include your comment. Take it for a spin if you get the chance, and we hope you don’t mind the dust.

iOS updates: community bulk moderation, G+ Today widget

iOS updates: community bulk moderation, G+ Today widget

There were a couple of new features in the latest iOS app that was updated in the App Store earlier this week.

First (screenshot 1), we added the ability for community moderators to bulk select posts for moderation. This is similar to the previous announcement about this feature: plus.google.com/+LeoDeegan/posts/JxwAR8tv21z

Second (screenshot 2), we added a G+ widget to the Today View to display the latest posts from your home stream.

Some other recent features we’ve put into the G+ iOS app include:
• Community owners and moderators can pin a post to the top of their community
• Search for posts in communities
• A “Remove Post” option for community owner and moderators
• Setting to configure whether GIFs auto-play in stream
• Support for iPhone X