I am pretty sure MeWe is not the right solution to the social web problem too.

I am pretty sure MeWe is not the right solution to the social web problem too.

For Plussers, it may look like the best solution to move to from G+ because MeWe offers very similar feature set and the app feel is very close to the original G+ but doesn’t solve the fundamental problem that it’s a network backed by a company that may or may not go out of business anytime. Just like Google decided to kill the G+ they just may for whatever reason run out of money and choose to close the network too. There’s no guarantee it will not happen and what then? Problem is still the same.

The only real solution to this problem is a point-to-point solution like the Scuttlebutt https://www.scuttlebutt.nz/ where you own your data, and no single point of failure is involved such as company running the platform on its servers.

The Scuttlebutt project architecture makes sense, feels like a real solution to the social web problem, used technology is superb, and the momentum is there too. I recommend this talk by André Staltz – Reinvent the social web https://staltz.com/reinvent-the-social-web.html if you’d like to know more.

I’d love to know your opinion!

7 thoughts on “I am pretty sure MeWe is not the right solution to the social web problem too.

  1. Well, I agree, For my interests, I received little mileage on MeWe. You need to go where your community goes. PlusPora, is not the final destination either. However of the two, it the one that is me.

    Scuttlebutt may be an option and I will look, does it have a usable UI? Or is that something that needs to be built or am “I” missing something.


  2. I agree with your opinion about MeWe. I moved to the Fediverse, mainly for me via Mastodon. It’s because my Linux-Tech-FLOSS inner voice feels fine with it and somehow I can reach most of my social media friends in it.


  3. I’m currently focused on Pluspora and Slack (for private communities). But I don’t like the inability to migrate your account to another pod, which I think is critical for a distributed system. Apparently Hubzilla has this, and can talk to Diaspora. But…

    I agree with the previous poster. It’s really about where your people go.


  4. Kee Hinckley account migration, that’s where Scuttlebutt excels because you don’t have to migrate your account since the account is on your computer/device and on a few selected pubs or just your own private pub.


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