today we have experienced the worst situation service like Friends+Me can experience, crazy reposts.

Due to database failure our backend system failed to resolve activities locks correctly and was identifying all activities as not reposted. This unfortunate situation led to duplicit reposts.

We are speeding up migration of Friends+Me accounts to new system that is more robust and resilient to these kinds of errors.

We will do everything humanly possible to gain your trust again.

We are very very sorry.(

23 thoughts on “Friends,

  1. I’m incredibly happy with Friends+Me, it’s saving my social media at the moment (migrating to G+ but needing to stay in touch with the ‘others’). Only issue I had was last night when I had a 3x Facebook repost but I caught it. I know what I signed up for when I saw that F+M was a Beta Service: keep at it, keep up the good work. True Believer, right here.


  2. I had the reposts… Lots, but unlike some services, it was rectified at quick pace with an apologies and information on why this error occured and what they are doing to prevent this from happening again. Top service. Thanks Friends+Me


  3. Fortunately, my last two posts were a Youtube link to Eric Clapton’s “Let It Grow” and a comment about the Mamas and the Papas – so all I was doing is subjecting my friends to good music :>


  4. Thank you for immediately recognizing the problem, alerting us to it, and trying to fix it. If only we had the same customer support for other paid services as we do for your useful free service.


  5. Not sure if it’s related but my post have stoped going through to FB with Friends+Me… Still turned on throught the dashboard but nothing I post from G+ is getting through to my stream over there.. Sucks!


  6. Friends+Me why are you “very very sorry”?  You guys have the best post replication service I’ve used to-date, you’re offering it free of charge without burdening it with ads or other trickery, and you’re growing.  This stuff is nothing to be very, very sorry about–no trust lost here.  Just a little more respect gained given you quickly addressed the situation and let us know about it.


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