New configurable reposts of photos from Google+ to Facebook.

New configurable reposts of photos from Google+ to Facebook.

Friends+Me offers new Facebook repost option “Repost a photo as a link to original Google+ activity”. Its function is quite simple.

Enable this option and F+M will repost all photos you publish on Google+ to Facebook as a link post that leads to the original Google+ photo post.

Disable the option and Friends+Me will repost your Google+ photo posts to Facebook as a photo post.

See the examples.

16 thoughts on “New configurable reposts of photos from Google+ to Facebook.

  1. Jeff Holley all your publicly published posts was successfully reposted to Facebook and Twitter. Could you please give me a link to G+ post and FB repost you have problem with? Thanks.


  2. Not sure if this is what Jeff Holley is referring to, but if I share a post on g+ with more than one picture only one gets posted to Facebook.


  3. Marc Cohen that is normal behavior. Only first picture of album is used for repost. Your friends have to use appended link to Google+ to see the rest of pictures.


  4. What Marc Cohen said, is the same issue. Alois Bělaška all my posts went through properly. Just not the behavior I expected is all.
    Is the limitation with the facebook API, or the G+ API?

    User Story
    Posted pictures of bday gifts to G+
    (everyone will see this, it posts everywhere! 😀 )

    Mom: “why didn’t you post a picture of the gift I got you?”
    (mom only uses facebook)
    (uh oh)

    Oh! look at that, only one picture got posted to facebook.

    I’m not mad.  Just looks like room for improvement 🙂


  5. That’s not the point for me and I suspect most. While we might want people to come to g+ and see, realistically they want to see it on Facebook or Twitter as close to as is as possible. Also the post and text is written with all the pictures in mind. Without them it may not make much sense.


  6. I too understand your point. I will agree with Marc Cohen, that MOST people who use your service. (though I have no facts to back this up)  Use this service to basically cater to those people whom we wish to share with, but who do not wish to use G+.


  7. I’m not using the service at the moment and removed the Facebook token. So I’m now getting pestering emails from Friends+Me to retrieve a new token. Short of actually doing that how can I stop this?


  8. Hi Harry Neary sure, just disable Facebook connection on your F+M dashboard. It is the toggle button with text “Enabled” with green background. Click at this button and it will disable your Friends+Me Facebook connection. You can do the same for your Twitter connection.


  9. I agree with Marc Cohen that only showing the first picture doesn’t work in most cases.  I posted a before and after photo of my son who just got his braces off and when it hit FB only the picture with braces showed up with the title being Braces Finally Off.  All comments were about picture showing braces still on.  I use this service to cater to friends & family that won’t switch.  I hope they take the time to click link and view full story on G+, but I don’t think they do.  Would like to see full post get forwarded. Thanks.


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