Hello everybody,

Hello everybody,
  it is amazing to see so many people want to use Friends+Me.  

I am afraid we got into a trouble. There is so many new users and so fast that Friends+Me have run out of Google+ API daily limit. I’ve sent request to increase that limit almost 9 days ago and yesterday twice, but still no answer.

If you know someone from Google who can speed up processing of our quota request, it would be most appreciate if you contact them.

Again I am very sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you’ll give Friends+Me another try after quota limit problem will be solved.

Thank you all.

PS. To process all new users (with current Google+ API daily limit) we had to increase interval between reposts to 30 minutes. This way the service will not simply stop, but will perform it’s function (only a little slower).

80 thoughts on “Hello everybody,

  1. Well I can’t say I’m surprised that they’re dragging their feet though, at the end of the day the current setup makes it easy to engage your friends/followers on other social networks, but that detracts from eyeballs coming to Google+, which they might frown upon.

    Hopefully they’re just reviewing it and will make the changes without much fuss, but considering the ongoing fight for people’s attention, they might require changes… I wouldn’t be surprised if they came back and said you need to leave the reference to the original article on G+ as mandatory or something to that effect.

    But maybe I’m wrong and they’re just slow, but this is Google we’re talking about here.


  2. I really hope thats not the case. The best way to pitch this to them is to convince this tool is to try and get more people away from these other social networks and transition them to Google+. The fact that all posts have to be done through Google+ is working in Friends+Me favor. It certainly opens this door for me with all my friends and contacts.


  3. I agree and I think there’s a lot of “smarter” content from my G+ stream than from other networks, and it’s great to take that content and re-share it, but the current setup just basically creates a separate “stream” on your facebook timeline that’s completely separate from the original and outside of G+

    You can’t see the ripples created by your sharing on another network, and unless there’s a link pointing back here, chances are you’ll find yourself engaging your friends/followers “over there” separately, rather than pulling them into your stream here — which quite frankly I would prefer, and I’m sure Google would love.

    This should basically be a “come look at my content here” type of tool rather than a way to make it easier for you to export content to other networks, or at least I’m sure that’s the way Google sees it.


  4. Hope all goes well for you guys, I really like this idea, it is my objective to use Google+ more often, & this vehicle of yours is ideal to get me on track


  5. Amauri Viguera Greig McKean I also don’t think this is the case. For the last few months have been Google people 🙂 very helpful. I strongly believe that they understand importance of service like Friends+Me. Migration of people from other other networks to Google+ should be slow and natural process. Also I believe that every network have its purpose, its core of believes. Diversity is good and should be embraced. BUT thoughts must flow and boundaries must be broken.

    When will Google open Google+ API for writes, first thing I’ll implement is FB comments, LinkedIn comments and Twitter conversation cross-post with Google+. This feature will allow people to lead cross-network conversations and that’s really something. There’s no such thing as  network that is best for every one. Diversity is scarce.


  6. Amauri Viguera I always link back to G+. And as I don’t engage much on FB and Twitter, if anything, I’m inducing people to come over to G+ who might otherwise not. I suspect the majority of people who post G+ –> other networks are heavy G+ users who would like to get people to come back here.


  7. Well let’s hope that they cooperate so that things speed up a little. 

    But even then, it would be nice to have some consistency around the whole thing.  I have two posts that have been picked up by Friends+Me and dropped off to facebook, one 20 hours ago and another 7 hours ago.

    I have a re-share of a TechCrunch post that never made it, along with a re-share of an AndroidCentral post, and a new post with an embedded youtube video.  

    There are no hashtags involved, so I have to assume it’s the processing rather than the origin, but it would be nice if it worked all the time, even if it’s slow 🙂


  8. Bear in mind it is still in it’s Beta stage. There will be some bugs that need ironed out. I’m sure they will be sorted soon.


  9. The moment Friends+Me will receive higher API daily limit everything will get back to normal. As it was a few days before. No need for panic 😀


  10. interesting issue though… are you going to retroactively post anything that was shared as Public once the daily limit goes up, or will it count just for new posts?

    I ask because of my previous post stating that some things were shared, but some weren’t for some reason


  11. I was going to send out a post to HIGHLY RECOMMEND but I’ll hold off until you get this sorted.  I just LOVE Friends+Me – there are so many tools that have “ugly posts” not to mention any names (cough cough Hootsuite) and your tool posts beautiful to Facebook and Twitter.  Thanks so much.


  12. Christopher Carr – I think it’s better than Scoop.it links. (?).  What I like is that there are post thumbnails/photos and even in twitter the image, video, etc. is there in the feed.  If you view summary on my tweets you can see quite a bit of post information. https://twitter.com/irenekimmel


  13. Amauri Viguera oh my, if Friends+Me had had allocated daily limit big enough, no problem with repost would have appeared. It’s a classic viral problem. As soon as there will be granted a higher daily limit, none of these problems will appear again. Except of classic bugs of course 😉 Please, be patient with us. We’re doing our best to make it work.


  14. I used to use Google Reader to share to Twitter – but then they broke that and it didn’t work so nicely anymore. With this, I can share with Google+, Twitter and Facebook too – so I might actually share again.


  15. Is it possible to integrate a character count plugin into G+? I have already gone over Twitter’s limit when posting through G+ lol!


  16. Good news everyone,
    Google just noticed me that they are reviewing Friends+Me request for higher Google+ API daily limit.

    Everything is just a matter of time.


  17. I can only speak from my experience and that I have had no problem with my post. I use the hashtag method. What method are you using?


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