Here’s a new way to automatically send your Google+ posts to Twitter and (ugh) facebook.

Here’s a new way to automatically send your Google+ posts to Twitter and (ugh) facebook.

I’m on the Mike Elgan diet meaning that almost all of my content is done here on Google+. Then I pipe it automatically to Twitter and facebook.

Linda Lawrey told me about ManageFlitter which is good and it is what most people use. But I think I found something better: Friends+Me.

Up until now I would use ManageFlitter to grab my Google+ posts and send them to Twitter and then facebook’s Twitter app would grab them from there. But as you see in the pic below, that ain’t pretty.

Now Friends+Me sends my posts to both places and formats them very nicely. The posts on facebook look like they were originated there.

Here is why I recommend you give Friends+Me a try:

•  The posts on facebook look MUCH better
•  Friends+Me checks your feed and posts every 5 minutes. ManageFlitter refreshes every 30 minutes unless you pay. That’s a big deal when I am covering breaking news or encouraging people to check out a live stream, etc. (Friends+Me plans to have a paid tier in the future which will offer 1 minute refreshes. I’d happily pay for that.)
•  It can post to your timeline and facebook pages
•  It supports Twitter Cards

Thanks to Friends+me’s developer Alois Bělaška for urging me to check it out. I have officially made the switch!

Google+ Page:  Friends+Me  
More Comparisons Between the Services:

18 thoughts on “Here’s a new way to automatically send your Google+ posts to Twitter and (ugh) facebook.

  1. Jason Desjardins your personal Google+ account with id 100159944728066264696 is already registered. If you want to register your Google+ Page, you should use different ID.


  2. Doug Jacobs II not yet, but I think registering Google+ Pages is quite straightforward. All you have to do is go to and follow the instructions. Connecting registered Google+ Page with Facebook Page is almost the same thing as connection Facebook to you personal Google+ account.


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