Updated: Ruling Social Media with Friends+Me

Updated: Ruling Social Media with Friends+Me

Friends+Me is my favorite tool for managing a multi network strategy, in part because it doesn’t require me to Post manually to multiple networks. I post once, to Google+, then with at most a minute or two of optimizing, I’ve got a queue of Posts ready to go out to all my largest networks.

While there are many great tools for scheduling Posts to multiple social networks, none in my opinion is as clever, as powerful, or as easy as Friends+Me​​. It helps me spend less of my time sharing to social media, and more time using social media, and has changed how I use social media by not making me radically change how I prefer to use social media.

And now, it’s even more powerful, with a new feature to automatically pull in a hashtag from the Original Post to share to Twitter. So now, you can place your hashtag anywhere in the Post and have it automatically appended to your Tweet, by enabling this new feature. (This also goes to show the commitment of its developer to making improvements based on user feedback.)

Are you using Friends+Me? Which networks and what sort of features would you like to see it support in the future?

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The Friends+Me secret is out!

The Friends+Me secret is out!
See it here: https://goo.gl/N72ecV
It is “based” in Google+, but I also find it especially useful to post in FB, to which I loath going. Also, I can schedule the FB posts so they’re most likely to be seen by friends in the USA.
This said, I sometimes also use it to cross post my Google+ stuff to Twitter and Linkedin for certain fields where I have a presence in some niche area like IP Communications. It can do Pinterest, too, but I don’t much there.
Another good use is keeping posts current in my Music collection, for example. Rather than posting three things at once, I can space them out.

I want to mention also the service is impressive and any bug I have found due to a Google change, for example, has been promptly fixed. I am a paid user, but I have no other connection to tout the service other than I think it’s great.

h/t to Peggy K who, on this rare occasion, proved she doesn’t know everything about Google+. 😛