Improvements to desktop notification page

Improvements to desktop notification page

Hey folks, over the next couple of days, we’ll be rolling out some highly requested usability enhancements to the desktop notifications landing page (

Open in a new tab: You will be able open a notification in a new tab via right-click menu, [cmd|ctrl]-click or middle-click. (Note that this keeps the notification in an unread state.)

Profile hovercards: Hovering over any profile picture will bring up the profile hovercard. Additionally, profile pictures are click targets, so they can similarly be opened in a new tab.

Updated lightbox on Google+ Web

Updated lightbox on Google+ Web

Hey folks, another update this week. Over the next few days, we’ll be rolling out a new version of the photo lightbox on Google+ Web. The new lightbox, which appears for photos that are part of single-photo posts (not yet for multi-photo posts), places a greater emphasis on the photo caption and comments.

There are a couple of reasons why I’m happy about this new lightbox. First, the EXIF data (found in the “Show information” menu item) brings back the display of the photo date; the previous lightbox displayed the post date. And second, clicking on the back arrow brings you to the post no matter how you arrive at the lightbox (people who found their way to a lightbox without being able to get to the post know what I’m talking about).

Optionally remove recent content from banned community members

Optionally remove recent content from banned community members

Hey folks, over the next several days, we’ll be rolling out a feature on Google+ Web that will allow community moderators to choose to remove posts and comments from members they ban.

To invoke this feature, select “Remove, report, and ban” from either a post or comment and then select “Also remove recent comments and posts in the community by this user.”

Currently, this will remove recent post and comments from the banned user (you may need to perform a web page refresh to see content removed from your view). We’re looking to improve this feature in future iterations, so bear with us with the ambiguity of “recent”, which should, in most cases, cover your needs.

Find content and communities from all across Google+ with Discover

Find content and communities from all across Google+ with Discover

Big news today Google+! We’re rolling a brand new Discover stream to help you and new users find the absolutely best content our network has to offer. If you glance over at your left-hand navigation bar, you’ll notice a shiny ‘Discover’ tab waiting to be explored. Inside, you’ll find trending posts from curated sources in a new, denser format. Also inside are Featured Collections, Recommended Communities, and the previously announced Topics – which got a bit of a makeover as well, so be sure to check them out!

New and signed out users will land on Discover (previously ‘Featured Collections’) which puts content from a diverse set of sources front and center. We hope that this creates a better experience for new users that more readily communicates the awesome stuff G+ has to offer while providing existing users with a fun way to find and follow creators they haven’t yet, ahem, discovered.

To make way for Discover, you may have noticed we removed the Collections tab and the Events tab. Don’t worry! Collections and Events aren’t gone; they’ve just been moved. ‘Featured Collections’ have a new home within Discover and ‘Your / Followed Collections’ can be found by clicking on ‘Communities and Collections’ on your profile. Events can now be found in the overflow menu (three dots) on your profile when you can also find your Insights.

These changes will be live on web and iOS within the next day or so for all users. As always, please let us know what you think by replying to this thread or using the ‘Send Feedback’ option on web or in-app. Enjoy!

New Search Features & Feel

New Search Features & Feel

Today, we’re rolling out a bevy of improvements to G+ Search — most visibly, you’ll find that typing into the search bar no longer interrupts your search attempts by taking you to Explore. That means that your results get to you that much faster!

That’s not all…
• A new, tabbed interface will make it easier for you to find the exact type of content that you’re looking for.
• In the posts tab, you can filter based on the post author. Finally, you can look back at your many years of G+ posting without being distracted by everyone else’s Neko Atsume updates!
• Popular Topics are now displayed in the search bar dropdown.

As always, let us know what you think and we hope you enjoy!

Community Member Activity View

Community Member Activity View

We’re rolling out a new Communities feature that allows owners, moderators, and members to view the posts from any community member.

You can access the Member Activity View via a post’s three-dot menu (by selecting, for example, “View Carole McKay’s activity”) or via a member’s hovercard (by selecting “View community activity”).

G Suite Admins: Audit Google+ user activity for your organization

G Suite Admins: Audit Google+ user activity for your organization

Now, G Suite admins will be able to see when the following events are performed in Google+ in their organization right in the audit logs:

Post created
Post edited
Post deleted
Comment created
Comment edited
Comment deleted
+1 added to a post
+1 added to a comment
+1 removed from a post
+1 removed from a comment
Poll vote added
Poll vote removed

And you can also track:
Number of activities performed per day by each individual user
Number of communities where at least one of the community owners is within your domain
Number of collections within your organization

Get all the details on the G Suite​ Updates blog

‘Remove, Report, and Ban’ Post Option for Community Moderators

‘Remove, Report, and Ban’ Post Option for Community Moderators

We’re happy to announce that moderators now have better tools to keep their communities healthy and happy with a ‘Remove, Report, and Ban’ option on community posts. Accessed via the post overflow menu (aka three dots), the option will remove the post and member from the community, report the post to Google for us to look at, and ban the member from joining the community again.

As always, this feature is rolling out to community moderators over the next several hours. Enjoy!