Screen Layout Improvements

Screen Layout Improvements
From the start, our new Google+ Web experience was built as a Responsive Web Design (RWD), meaning it adapts to the amount of screen space available within a Web browser by re-sizing images, changing layouts, and more. Recently we had the pleasure of working with Ethan Marcotte (, the originator of RWD, on a number of substantial improvements to how we adapt to different screen sizes on the Google+ Web experience. Starting today, we:

* Display more posts on smaller screens
* Switch to a 3 column display sooner
* Use new header designs on Communities, Collections and Profiles
* Resize posts more effectively
* And more…

To experience these all changes, simply try out the Google+ Web experience on different phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, or just different Web browser window sizes.

And as always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that’s the best way to ensure we’ll see them. Thanks~

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