Tips for Creating a High Quality Collection

Tips for Creating a High Quality Collection

Here are some guidelines to help you create a high quality Collection, attract new followers and create meaningful engagement:

Topic, Title and Tagline: Your Collection must have one clear and consistent topic. Originality is key so make sure your title is unique, engaging and reflects your Collection theme. Use the tagline to describe the content of your Collection.

Cover-Photo: Avoid a blurry or pixelated image (unless it’s on purpose!). Choose a personalized cover-photo consistent with the theme.

Post: Post regularly to keep your followers interested and make sure they come back for more. Publishing your own content is great but you can also share others’ content as long as you credit the owner(s) in your post. Content attribution is very important.
You can also pin a post in your Collection to further explain what it is about or simply pin your favorite post.

Hook: Don’t forget about the introductory sentence. It helps your followers to quickly understand what your post is about. Share your opinion, tell your story, be personal. Followers are interested in getting to know you better and learning about your expertise and interest. It will also help create a strong connection between you and your followers.

Content: It’s fun to mix the type of content you are posting in a Collection. If your topic allows it, play with vertical and horizontal images, videos, GIF, create a poll… See what works best.


Discover the Google+ Collections Community (, a great place to learn, share tips and get support for creating high quality Collections while meeting like-minded people. Don’t hesitate to share your Collection in the “Get Feedback On My Collection” section and ask questions.

Keep creating!

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