CircleCount Chrome Extension Update

CircleCount Chrome Extension Update
v2.6: The New Google+ Fixes + The Circle Streams

► (new) direct links to your Circle Streams.
► (fix, new Google+) sort communities alphabetically.
► (fix, new Google+) sort collections alphabetically.
► (fix, new Google+) sort comments by number of +1’s.
► (fix, new Google+) highlight comments.
► (fix, new Google+) follower history on posts pages.
► (fix, new Google+) remove +1-suggested posts.

The New Google+ is available and most of our features need a fix.
But we can’t just update the extension to a version 2.6 without adding something new 😉
As you can see in the screenshot, in the popup when you click the icon of the extension you will find direct links to your circle streams. Something that has removed by Google+ in the new UI by default and can only be enabled again for the first 6 circles. With CircleCount you will get access to all of your circles 🙂

Check it out and let us know if you see anything that is not working as it should.
btw: there is a donation button on the settings page 😉

Some links:
► Install the extension:
► Force the update: open chrome://extensions/, enable “Developer mode”, click on “Update extensions”
► Check the options and/or donate: chrome-extension://gfehmiknpngmjkhiieampgfppicbncid/options.html
► Rate/review the extension:
► Share this post: you know which icon to use 😉

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4 thoughts on “CircleCount Chrome Extension Update

  1. That’s the nice part on Friends+Me.
    You don’t need that much time to use it:
    You invest a few minutes to set it up and is working in the background for you to save you time that you can spend in using CircleCount 😉


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