Some Google+ accounts may experience missing reposts

Some Google+ accounts may experience missing reposts

Google+ API has started to misbehave recently and for some accounts the latest posts are not being returned so Friends+Me is not able to repost them.

I’ve started discussion with the Google+ team regarding this matter and I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you all for your patience.

42 thoughts on “Some Google+ accounts may experience missing reposts

  1. Yohanes G. Pauly there’s nothing anybody but Google+ team can do about it at the moment. You should have email response your inbox by now.


  2. Friends+Me I have triple check my Age & Location restriction setting, and it is set to Anyone from earlier. And I remember, this new setting has been informed by Google+ many weeks ago…

    I noticed the problem of repost in my case is related to the usage of # hashtag for Friends+Me repost restriction. If I use # (including ), then it is not repost. When I am not using any #, it is still repost, at least yesterday.

    Hope this info helps you to find solution internally. Or other users can try my hypothesis and inform back to Alois in Friends+Me so he can help us soonest. 🙂


  3. Yohanes G. Pauly it really is not a problem with a hashtag routing, Friends+Me is simply not getting new posts from Google+ for your account.
    Interesting thing about this all is that not all accounts are affected. Weird.


  4. I’ve finally figured out what’s wrong.
    Posts returned by the Google+ API are not being sorted by time. That means new posts can be placed at the end of the list or even never returned as was happening recently. The G+ team is working on a fix.

    Thank you all for your patience!


  5. Still not resolved I see. Good question Ondřej Pokorný although some of mine will be out dated and of no use. I think this has been going on for a week now, a little too long.


  6. Ondřej Pokorný​​ I am afraid not. There’s problem with g+ API feed that posts are not ordered by time of the last update so new posts may appear at the end of the returned list or not at all.
    G+ team is trying to fix the problem.


  7. Personal posts were working okay this morning, but business pages are still either not posting, or are posting with a massive delay. (just FYI, I know you’re waiting for Google+ on this one!) 🙂


  8. Would it be difficult to implement sorting of the returned activity list in Friends+Me? It’s a JSON structure, and provided their dates are consistently zoned etc, it should be “possible”, although I have no idea how your app is designed so may be more difficult than it seems?


  9. James Gray problem is that even if I fetch for example last 100 activities I cannot be sure the newest ones will be present there and to fetch more may get us too close to the daily limit with so many users.


  10. Ugh – I see your problem. The API is really limited too. If Google simply added the ability list posts after a particular date/time stamp rather than regurgitate up to a random 100 activities, this would practically solve our dilemma. 😦


  11. Just did some poking around in the API – you can search for arbitrary strings in activities…but not dates(?!). Seriously Google, WTF? Surely date matching is orders of magnitude less difficult and resource intensive than free text search!!


  12. I’ve deployed a workaround which should kind a work but it’s not a 100% solution.
    I started to fetch last 50 activities and sort them on F+M side. There’s no guaranty that those returned 50 activities are the very last ones but for the time being it’s better than nothing.


  13. Alois Bělaška It seemed to work for the last two scheduled times on Thursday.. although the order wasa little messed up. Just sheduled first two for 3 clients today. If that works will load up a couple of days worth..


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