It’s ready! Delayed reposts!

It’s ready! Delayed reposts!

Repost scheduling got a brand new functionality that allows you to delay reposts for a specific time period.

This is an alternative to scheduling of reposts to a predefined set of times, Friends+Me simply delays reposts of newly fetched Google+ posts.

Easy to enable, easy to use!

Ping Peg Fitzpatrick Jonathan MacDonald

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26 thoughts on “It’s ready! Delayed reposts!

  1. Mitch Wagner some people just prefer simple delay for reposts instead of regular scheduling. It’s just a question of preferences and publishing style.


  2. Oh yes there is a great need! The tone to write high quality posts is not be nessesairly a good time to post them. Also I like to write a topic series and now Friends+Me offers me the ability to do it at my favorite reposting place and I can do it all on one place.


  3. Mitch Wagner in an effort to make your automatic posting look more natural it’s best to have them published at different times and or days. You may get good engagement on Google+ in the early evening but on Twitter your “hot” time for engagement might be later in the evening. This new function allows you to better target your content when it’s more likely to be seen by your followers.


  4. Mitch Wagner Not exactly. With the old queuing function, you would set, say, 6 times throughout the day to have content reposted. If you posted 10 posts, you’d have 4 posts that carried over to the next day, If the next day you posted 8 more times, you’d then have 6 posts that carry over to the next day. This has happened to us and before long you have posts backing up in the queue. (yes the simple solution is to add more posting times but, we don’t even post every day.)

    With the new way to queue posts, you can be sure that all of your content gets out. We are still playing with it but, feel it is a welcome addition and will post our findings on our FriendsPlusMe How-To blog post.


  5. But doesn’t it post all in queue at that time then? Friends+Me
    I spend “chunks” of time on G+ and often repost 5 things in 5 minutes. I would like these to post to Twitter more spaced out.


  6. Yvonne Heimann F+M reposts only one G+ post per time slot (predefined repost time). So if you publish for example 5 posts within a 4 minutes than F+M will buffer all of them and repost them at repost times you define. Number of repost times is not limited in any way.


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