Introducing reposts from Google+ to Linkedin Groups

Introducing reposts from Google+ to Linkedin Groups

I hope you’re having a wonderful day! Today, we’re announcing the support of  Linkedin Groups.

Friends+Me will be able to repost all your publicly published Google+ posts to Linkedin Groups of your selection.

Connect a Linkedin Group Now –

The Friends+Me Team

15 thoughts on “Introducing reposts from Google+ to Linkedin Groups

  1. Too bad Friends+Me  started charging for pages.  A whole group of instructors at WestoshaCHS used pages for our classes and linked them to Twitter and Facebook to reach out to students…but no more because of costs


  2. Vincent Kuepper Friends+Me could connect the instructors to help drive engagement with students who are using social media. Maybe a fundraiser could be done to help with the cost involved.


  3. Friends+Me ok since there is no mobile app, is there a way to send an email or a text to update Google plus through the friends me service? Also, I’ve been using your service for about a year since it first started. Is there a lifetime membership available? Instead of a monthly service? There should be a lifetime membership offered to long time users … For a limited time. Have you guys ever offered anything like that before and I just missed it?


  4. Bruce Jr Kraft Google+ API is limited to read-only access to Public circle only. So Friends+Me is currently not able to provide write access.

    We do offer annual subscriptions with 2 months for free.

    I don’t think you’ve missed something 😉


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