Google+ Communities are here!

Google+ Communities are here!

Awesome feature but is there anyone who don’t want Friends+Me to repost public posts you send to your Google+ Communities? Do you want it be configurable?

What do you think?

23 thoughts on “Google+ Communities are here!

  1. Well, I’ve found out that there’s no way Friends+Me can distinguish difference between share posts to community and normal shares to public circle. Therefor share posts to community Friends+Me also reposts. This Google+ API “feature” is not good at all.


  2. nick clark I would assume if you’re posting to a public community then it is default ON… so you avoid having friends+me share the post – you would need to specify the no-share hash tag.


  3. nick clark all new posts you create and publish to community can be identified and filtered out by Friends+Me but if you re-share to community some article for example that’s what Friends+Me is unable to identify as community. In dev-speak JSON structure of those two posts is different and only in case of new post is Friends+Me able to skip repost. 

    So for now you really have to use  hashtag when you’re sharing post to community which you don’t want to repost.


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