Finding it difficult to update Google+ as well as your other networks?

Finding it difficult to update Google+ as well as your other networks?
Try Friends+Me 

It’s my recommendation for this month! The thing is, you can’t ignore Google+, it’s going to be big this year. However with a lack of a API for Google+ profiles you can’t update it from the likes of Buffer or Hootsuite (yet). Even if you could, all networks work slightly differently with different maximum lengths of posts and ways of embedding images and links.

So, what about updating other networks directly from Google+? I’ve been playing with Friends+Me which lets you do just that. You can selectively cross post to other networks (Twitter, LinkedIn Profiles, Pages and groups, Facebook profiles, pages and groups) using hashtags. It supports almost immediate posting as well as a delay and scheduling (similar to Buffer).

I’m not in favour of “always on” cross posting, but with FriendsPlusMe you have complete control over what you want to share and not share and to which networks. 

One of the things I am excited about is the fact that FriendsPlusMe supports multiple LinkedIn groups. I’ve maxed out the number of networks in my Buffer account (the Awesome Plan allows a max of 12 channels), but with FriendsPlusMe I can selectively cross post to as many LinkedIn groups as I like. If I add scheduling for each LinkedIn group I can decide what the maximum number of posts for each specific LinkedIn group is going to be- that’s important as I don’t want to overload each group each day and I don’t want the same post to be published on different groups at the same time.

As well as this, you could use the Chrome extension DoShare which allows you to schedule your Google+ profile posts. Using this you could schedule your G+ posts throughout the day, which in turn powers your whole social media empire.

I’ll still continue to use Buffer which I find invaluable. With Buffer I can cross post to different networks very easily, share important articles from feedly and also share to the niche social network AppDotNet.

Let me know what you think! Definitely interested in what Ian Cleary and Mark Traphagen think too!

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