Warning: Sharing That Image Could Get You Banned or Blacklisted

Warning: Sharing That Image Could Get You Banned or Blacklisted

Most people have no idea that the way in which they are sharing images on #SocialMedia  or on their blogs could actually get them banned, blacklisted, or worse!

In this next part of my Sharing Images Online series I take on the heavy task of explaining the legal side of sharing images in a simple way that everyone can understand. 

Read the full post here: http://dustn.tv/sharing-images-responsibly/

It basically boils down to this – you either have explicit written consent to use an image, or you don’t. And if you use someone’s copyrighted image because you just so happened to find it online you risk having your social media account deleted/banned or your website blacklisted!

Let’s all make the internet a better place for creators and curators alike and stop sharing images recklessly, and stop supporting those who knowingly (or unknowingly) do as well. 

In the full post I tried to keep it as dead simple as possible but also note more in-depth reading of the subject from Peg Fitzpatrick, Ana Hoffman, and Sara Hawkins (image copyright expert). 

Do you have any questions regarding the sharing of images? It’s a dense topic, but following some basic best practices can make it simple. 

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