Google+ Exporter

Export Google+ feeds to WordPress, Blogger and JSON file

We’re introducing an application that will help you to export your Google+ feeds (profile, pages, collections, communities, including all comments) to WordPress 4.x and 5.x backup, Blogger backup or a JSON file.

Export your Google+ profile, page, collection and community posts separately or together.

Export posts to WordPress backup (eXtended RSS) file which can be imported to any WP instance. Pick whether you want to export also private posts and posts comments. Check import of Friends+Me Google+ page

You can also export posts and comments to Google Blogger, check import of Friends+Me Google+ page

Google+ feeds export to JSON file is also possible. A detailed description of the JSON structure.

The free version of the application enables you to download up to 800 posts per every single Google+ feed (profile, page, collection, community). Some posts may not be downloaded by the free version of the app in case the limit is met. You can buy a license key to get unlimited experience.

The application is still under active development so you can expect more export options in the future.

Please, drop me a message in case you have any suggestion, request or question.

Thank you and enjoy!

Why is Google+ Exporter better than Google Takeout

Google+ Exporter tool exports ALL your posts (profiles, pages, collections, and communities) including comments and transforms them into a well-documented structure and prepares import files for your WordPress blog.

Oh the other hand, Google Takeout is not documented at all, terribly structured, hard to transform to any reasonable import for other services and with no support from Google at all.

How to install the application

You can download the free application installation designed for your operating system (Windows, MacOS or Linux).

Going unlimited and buying a license key

You can buy a $19.99 license on page in case you’d like to download an unlimited number of posts.

You will receive an email with a license key once the payment is processed successfully.

If you’ve upgraded or changed your computer and would like to activate the license key on a new computer, just send us a message to

How to activate a license key?

Start the application and click the ACTIVATE LICENSE button will open a dialog where you can enter the license key.

Enter your license key and click the ACTIVATE LICENSE KEY button.

That’s it! Now you’ll be able to download ALL your Google+ posts for export.

How to export my Google+ posts?

First, install and start the app and log in to Google account with access to Google+ feeds you’d like to export.

The application will scan Google account you’ve logged in for Google+ feeds and offer them for download.

You can start the download process by clicking the DOWNLOAD button and download posts for every Google+ feed separately.

Up to 800 posts per Google+ feed will be downloaded in the free version. You can buy a license in case you’d like to download an unlimited number of posts.

Download in progress…

Google+ feed download is complete. You can now export downloaded posts by clicking the EXPORT button.

You can refresh the feed anytime you want by clicking the REFRESH button. The free version will stop downloading new posts once the feed limit is reached (800 posts per feed).

How to export Google+ feed to WordPress Backup file

The application will enable you to export a specific Google+ feed to a WordPress backup (eXtended RSS) file that can be later used for import.

Pick a Google+ feed you’d like to export, click the Download or Refresh button to get the latest updates and then click the Export button.

In the export dialog pick whether you’d like private posts and comments to be a part of the export.

Export will be split into smaller files to make the import easier for you. Each file will contain 5000 posts by default and the number can be changed.

WordPress 5.x backup format will be used by default or you can pick the WordPress 4.x format.

Confirm by clicking the Export button.

A folder with an exported file(s) will open once the export is complete.

How to import the WordPress backup file

WordPress backup (eXtended RSS) file generated by this application contains information about your Google+ posts and images.

The import was tested with the latest WordPress release version 4.9.8 and 5.0.1 but should work with all the latest versions.

To import the backup file into a WordPress site follow these steps:

1. Log in to that site as an administrator.

2. Go to Tools: Import in the WordPress admin panel.

3. Install the “WordPress” importer from the list.

4. Activate & Run Importer.

5. Upload this file using the form provided on that page.

6. You will first be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on the site. For each author, you may choose to map to an existing user on the site or to create a new user or you can choose to ignore it.

7. We suggest checking the “Download and import file attachments” checkbox in the “Import Attachments” section so WordPress downloads all images from Google+ to your site. Just in case Google decides to cancel the image hosting in the future.

8. WordPress will then import each post and image.

That’s it.