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  1. Friends+Me Eli Fennell Will have to look into this Instagram. I do a lot of work with Car Dealers andcringe when I mention another social network!


  2. It’s my understanding that Instagram frowns upon 3rd party apps posting to their service and they don’t really want businesses using regular accounts as a brand presence. I believe they want brands to utilize their promoted posts and other such crazy business-only offerings. I’d love to see F+Me get around this but not if it threatens F+Me in general. The lack of a web-based interface is a huge hurdle when dealing with multiple accounts (ie. personal & business)


  3. Christopher Sisk 3rd party services solve the missing API differently and he only legal one I’ve discovered so far is to use the Instagram mobile app. I can use the Instagram app in Android emulator and it should be perfectly OK.

    One company I found solves this problem by having a cluster of mobile phones running the Instagram app.

    The only disadvantage is that users would have to share login and password with Friends+Me. We can keep them safe.


  4. Off Topic… but I need to ask. Given the G+ Article ( http://goo.gl/KdhHEt) by Mike Blumenthal and his thoughts that depending on the circumstances a business may/should consider to cease posting on G+. Will F+M change it’s focus and abandon G+ altogether?


  5. There are plenty of uses but few that have an ROI without inordinate efforts. I have been searching for successful local merchants using G+ for years when the use case was clearer and have found very few.

    Now that the use case is more more limited I suggested as much. Not that there are not any uses but that it is extremely difficult to get an ROI

    I would love to see 10 examples of local merchants that have generated significant value from Plus in the past and see their plans going forward. 

    In the US with only 16% utilization, the chance of actually interacting with local clients is quite small. 

    Given that the article was an overivew, I was making a general statement as to use. There are, I am sure, specific cases that would contradict the general but the question is whether they are broadly applicable. 

    I am all ears as I always am looking for ways to help SMBs leverage their limited time for increased business.


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