Question Is anybody having trouble to publish/schedule posts for Google+ collections, communities or profile?

Question Is anybody having trouble to publish/schedule posts for Google+ collections, communities or profile?

This feature does not seem to be working properly for some users. Help me to track and crack the problem. Thank you!

My apologies to affected users.

31 thoughts on “Question Is anybody having trouble to publish/schedule posts for Google+ collections, communities or profile?

  1. I can not get it to work properly either! Sent you a few emails.  Everything I post from within F+M or Using the extension ends up as “Publishing”. After a day or so they do post sporadically. Sometimes they just go to never never land and never show up. Although they show in the timelime as posted.

    I have stopped using the service G+ Profile. let me know if you wish us to continue trying to post!


  2. I think I was able to fix all problems that may have been causing these problems.
    Could you please give it a one more try?
    Thank you all for your patience.


  3. So Far So Good… for posting all seems to work. I will try a collection next.

    Is The F+M Extension Verson 0.1.16 the latest. Your blog post from April 16 2015 – states “It shouldn’t take long and your Chrome extension, you’ve installed, will be automatically upgraded to the latest version 1.1.3”. My extension will still not upgrade to this version following the Auto or Manual instructions.


  4. Friends+Me I did notice that my queue seems to be operating normally this morning. I don’t have much in it — I stopped adding content when things got flaky. I’ll put in a few more and see what happens. Thanks for staying with this!


  5. Mitch Wagner thanks Mitch, I’ve released a new 0.1.17 version of the F+M extension that should stabilize the publishing to Google+ profiles, collections and communities.


  6. Friends+Me I’ve reorganized my posting schedule (not related to the bugs in F+M — just something I wanted to do to make everything go smoothly with Collections). And I’ve added a few items to my queue. So far so good!


  7. I’ve released new F+M version 0.1.18 that fixes the problem with photo reposts to G+ profiles, collections and communities.

    So everything should be fine now. Could you please check your accounts?

    Thank you all!


  8. Mitch Wagner Friends+Me I Managed to get the required posts uploaded early this morning. It takes a bit of time to log in and do anything right now. Alois Bělaška is I am sure following the situation… the F+M Status at – shows the Google App Engine Taskqueue to be degraded. It’s been like that for the past two hours or so. Might be the problem!


  9. Owen Kane looks like Google is experiencing some network problems. I’ve been receiving sms messages with alerts all day long. I hope they’ll fix it soon.


  10. Friends+Me Alois Bělaška I see Google Engine still degraded according to Status… any news on when this might get fixed. F+M is nearly unusable this morning!


  11. Friends+Me It’s Back.. Very Fast,  Amazing How Attached I have become. My Go To G+ Social Media Posting Platform is back. Thanks for the Hard Work Alois Bělaška


  12. silvia rosca the browser with the F+M extension needs to be up and running only in case you’re scheduling posts for Google+ profiles, communities or collections.


  13. Hi Friends+Me I scheduled 3 posts last night in communities. I keep my computer on. But only one was published, two of them are in Queue but the schedule time is over. Any idea?


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