Schedule posts for Google+ Pages, Profiles, Communities and Collections!

Schedule posts for Google+ Pages, Profiles, Communities and Collections!

Do not cheat yourself, schedule posts and save the time for more important things.

Friends+Me can help you to deliver your message to followers across the globe at the right time to increase the engagement. The only thing you have to take care of is to use some of the time you save to make the content you share a bit better.

Connect your Google+ Profile, Collections and Communities →

Schedule unlimited number of posts with each of our premium plans
Please bare in mind that the free plan limits the queue size of Google+ profile, community and collection accounts to 3 posts only.

Queue posts for your newly connected Google+ accounts →

What’s the catch?

Posts scheduling feature requires the Friends+Me Chrome extension to be installed and the browser with the extension needs to be up and running the whole time in order to publish scheduled posts to your Google+ profiles and Google+ communities.

Install the Chrome Extension!


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23 thoughts on “Schedule posts for Google+ Pages, Profiles, Communities and Collections!

  1. I have a G+ Profile connected with about 7 or so Collections. But if I try add one or two of those Collections (that are linked to that G+ Profile), Friends+Me asks me to upgrade my subscription. Does this mean that each Collection on a G+ Profile will be viewed as a new G+ account?


  2. I am having problems getting friends + me to collect and repost on some clients accounts. Everything is set up correctly but it just won’t collect and re-distribute. Can someone help please?


  3. Friends+Me I am currently at 25 accounts and 5 users, can I no longer add accounts in 5 account steps?

    Is it your intention to treat a collection within an account as an additional account. This could become very expensive means to sort psots. I do hope you will reconsider this approach!


  4. Jim Packer Buffer do not support publishing to Instagram as far as I know.
    Android app is in development so you have to use the web version for now even on mobile devices.


  5. I like Flipboard and Zite, can I use Friends+Me to post from there? If not could I post to my G+ page and Friends+Me publish to other places based on hashtags?


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