14 thoughts on “Would you like to SCHEDULE posts for Google+ PROFILES?

  1. Friends+Me You already have a form of scheduling… no sure what you mean.  Now if what you mean is scheduling via updating a Google Spreadsheet or CSV File on a Weekly basis then you have my attention, yes I would pay a reasonable fee for that!


  2. Hey Owen Kane I mean you’ll be able to schedule post for your personal Google+ profile not Google+ page. With Friends+Me you can only publish now to Google+ profiles but to to schedule the post for later.


  3. Friends+Me I’m more interested in queueing than scheduling, but I figure if we can get scheduling we’ll also get queueing as part of the package. So yes I’ll pay for it.


  4. Friends+Me Very exciting! 

    BTW, I’d both kill someone for this feature AND pay you for it. 

    Danie van der Merwe I have absolutely no inside information on this — this is just a guess — but I suspect scheduling for F+M will only be available on the desktop, using the Chrome browser. Still, the Do Share browser is pretty bad, so a Friends+Me will be better.


  5. Hey Danie van der Merwe it’s true Mitch Wagner guessed it right. The browser will still need to be running but the result and user experience will be much better than with Do Share.


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