New Friends+Me comes with more powerful features.

New Friends+Me comes with more powerful features.

Check your new dashboard

It’s been awhile and a lot has changed. The plans are bigger, the vision is wider, the user base is growing and I’ve finally released the new Friends+Me version I promised you all for so long. You know… 🙂

Wanna you know what I am up to with this and other upcoming Friends+Me releases?

Friends+Me will become the best tool for publishing to Google+, social networks and other platforms.

Don’t forget to tell your boss, colleagues, friends, mothers, fathers, well everybody about Friends+Me because I need your help to finish this quest.

I bet you wanna know more about the new version of Friends+Me, right? Let’s see what we have here.

Complete redesign of the landing page and the web application. We’re again a bit closer to the perfect user experience. Hard to achieve but we’re getting there.

Schedule/publish new posts for every connected account without even leaving the Friends+Me web application. No exceptions. Publishing to Google+ profiles will be available soon.

Friends+Me can now satisfy your social media publishing needs.

Here’s just a short list of new features:

* Publish/schedule a post for every connected account.
* Manage queue and timeline of all accounts from one place.
* More powerful reposts routing. Control hashtags can be configured to override default destination accounts.
* Pause a queue per account, in case you want to temporarily stop publishing to a specific account.
* Draft your posts before you publish them.
* Prepare a post, pick the destination accounts and schedule or publish the new post immediately by the new share dialog.
* Use the post editor with autocomplete for Google+ mentions and hashtags.
* And much more!

If you hit any problem with the new version, let me know and I’ll fix it asap.

Have fun!

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12 thoughts on “New Friends+Me comes with more powerful features.

  1. Hi,
    Lots of good in this latest release – much appreciated.

    it seems you are once again copying images to Facebook (album: “Friends+Me Photos”) when you are posting there.
    *Also to Twitter?

    This is something you did for a while some time back (>1 yr ago) and then corrected (i.e. just posted the photo as a link back to the original G+ post).

    My use case: I DON’T want my photos in FB, I want them in G+ and to link to them from elsewhere.

    Also, if I re-share somebody else’s G+ post (with a photo) are you posting that into an FB album too?


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