QUESTION: Do you want to be able to edit reposts before they are published to your other social networks?

QUESTION: Do you want to be able to edit reposts before they are published to your other social networks?

UPDATE: This feature is already available with the latest Friends+Me release

16 thoughts on “QUESTION: Do you want to be able to edit reposts before they are published to your other social networks?

  1. What would be better is being able to set up some simple rules. For example, s/Google+/$dest_network so “Hello Google+ friends” would become “Hello Facebook friends.” Or if $picture_count > 1 then append(“Please click the picture to see the entire album”) – at least on Facebook.


  2. I’ve certainly thought about it, but I don’t think I’d go to the trouble, especially since I almost always post on mobile.

    My main issues now are:
    YouTube shares not getting reposted.
    Original posts (no link) getting truncated on FB, with no link back to the original article. (Basically, if the top-comment is going to be truncated, I’d like it to end in a link pointing at the original G+ post so they can read the rest.


  3. I can’t see myself ever using it.

    All respect to my friends here, but I can’t see ANYBODY ever using it.

    There are two scenarios in which this capability might theoretically be used:

    1- If the posts to other social networks are delayed, in which case you can now just go up on the F+M website, cancel the repost, and repost it manually to Facebook, Twitter, whatever.

    2- If the posts to the other social networks are NOT delayed, then once you’ve posted to F+M it’s too late to change.

    My wishlist:

    – Fix Facebook reposts so we don’t get so many error messages. Though lately there have been fewer error messages so maybe this is already done?

    – Fix Facebook reposts so posts aren’t truncated. I understand this may not be possible, so if that is the case warn me if the post will be truncated so I can cancel it and post manually. I already check the F+M website a couple of times a day.

    – Fix Tumblr posting. Right now it’s completely broken, and I no longer use it — instead I use G+ RSS to IFTTT to Tumblr.

    – Use circles instead of hashtags to direct postings, because hashtags are horrible.

    – Give me the ability to queue posts to Google+, like we can do with Buffer on other social media, or Tumblr. Probably this will require using the Chrome extension, like Do Share.

    There. That’s more than you asked for. And I have asked for these things before. Sorry about that. If you ever find yourself in San Diego, look me up and I’ll buy you a beer and you can kick me in the ankles for being a nag.


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