31 thoughts on “BIG Friends+Me redesign

  1. It looks much better, Friends+Me  However, the link you provided leads straight to Alois Bělaška’s dashboard and settings.  Anyone could change anything they please – down to the most sensitive details.


  2. Looks Great wish it was my profile that is showing. Friends+Me Please Check your email. When I log in as me someone elses account shows up. All my stuff is gone!!!


  3. This is most likely the case.. I had a post never get reposted to any accounts the other day.

    Note on the new design: Really great on desktop.. Not very usable on mobile. Moto X (1st gen) Chrome browser. Everything’s transparent when sliding stuff over from the right so content overlaps making it nearly unreadable and unusable.


  4. I can see that.. it would be a great (advanced) ability though. Generally when posting links, I prefer to send people to the original source (mirror), but from time to time, I’ll post a link to G+ with several paragraphs of my own for context. It would be nice, on those occasions, if I could send people to my G+ post instead (grow).


  5. Agree completely, Christopher Sisk I also suggested this couple of weeks ago.
    Alois Bělaška is it technically feasible to enable this as an additional functional module?  It could operate under any preset, but by activation only – that way users could choose to activate it in order to choose back-link origin, or leave the presets as they are now.  Being able to simply turn it “on” or “off” might prevent eventual complications and confusion in users.


  6. Marijan Dzima I understand there are people that would find it useful but it’s hardly a majority it’s more like a niche feature. Maybe if more much more users would like it.


  7. Alois Bělaška    For us the ability to choose which Circles to post to in G+ is Job 1. Job 2 import all posts from a Google Sheet or CVS file. Just a Hint. Keep up the good work! If you need a suggested format for the sheet or cvs file just ask.


  8. I like the service, but I’d still like hashtags to work for me to choose exactly where each post goes or doesn’t go. I also sent a screenshot and support request asking why posts from certain sites never get shared, but there’s been no response.


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