16 thoughts on “Hi, please help me by answering a simple question.

  1. I think the routing is the part that got to me before. I would designate the hashtags but it wouldn’t work until I linked an account to where I wanted it shared to. Other than that it’s pretty good and easy.


  2. I love the service, and found it easy to understand with a clean UI. One change I would suggest is perhaps a dashboard view when visiting the main site if already logged in.


  3. Is Friends+Me down at the moment or something? I’ve tried logging in on two different computers and the page is all messed up & wont log me in. Just wondering if its me or what >. >


  4. Sorry for the trouble Katherine Rose Barber, our CDN hosting stopped working for no obivous reason. I’ve released workaround so everything should be up and running again.


  5. I might be a little late to this Question and Answer query – but I am the type of person that will usually get something setup.. the best that I can.. and leave it to run.

    So that means a clean UI and easy to follow wizards.  With that said, I think that the UI is pretty good, but the accounts/routing doesn’t have any wizards to help with the setup or advances settings.

    I think that being able to post something here on G+ and have it cross posted to another social network is great!

    Now – I have a direct question.  I have recently enabled my personal G+ Profile to post to my new personal Twitter and it did such, but is there a setting or option that I missed as the entry over Twitter one ‘word’ followed by the URL.

    If I do click on the “summary’ it give more, so did I setup something incorrectly in the Friends.me?



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