How to use to shorten links shared with Friends+Me extension

How to use to shorten links shared with Friends+Me extension

I know you’ve always wanted to track links you share to Google+ and it’s finally here 🙂

New release of Friends+Me extension is rolling out.

If you want to give the new version a try sooner, you can update manually and here’s how to do it


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13 thoughts on “How to use to shorten links shared with Friends+Me extension

  1. I had assumed it did this anyway, but great that it now does. Does it use the bitly account associated with the Google+ post we’re posting to (as set within the F+M app)? For example, I have a different bitly account for my profile to my page so I can have different custom urls.


  2. Friends+Me I think it’s okay having both, just wasn’t sure if you were planning to add your own tracking service. Adding if a user wants to use it is quite okay! 🙂


  3. Friends+Me Ben Johnston I am a big fan of bitly due to the portability of the analytics and the way you can use the same custom short domain across multiple networks and tools. I am not against having and maybe that would suit the free accounts (so bitly would only be available on paid accounts. However, having Analytics would be awesome. Is there a way you can access bitly’s Analytics within friends+Me? Not sure how their api works. I think this would be an important addition, especially when you compare it to Buffer which has great Analytics.


  4. Ian Anderson Gray bitly analytics is not available through f+m yet but will be in the future. I’ve decided to simplify F+M dramatically to make it accessible to all users. I am beginning to reduce roadmap because I have no resources to implement everything I planned to. So I’ll simplify and start from there again.


  5. Friends+Me you’re right to do this. It’s difficult to please everyone. You do need to appease the power users to an extent, because it is people like us that are your advocates. However, for Friends+Me to be used by the masses, it needs to be easy to use and simplicity is key. Starting simply and then building upwards (whilst keeping an uncluttered UI) is definitely the way. I wish you all the success!


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