4 thoughts on “Oppo’s Oneplus One marketing strategy, the trouble with trolls, news coverage on social networks, and more!

  1. I heard about Friends+Me from Mike Elgan several months ago. It has made handling my social media sites so much better.

    I wish I could share with a G+ Circle and still have it go to FB, but most of my posts are worth making public, anyway.


  2. I heard about +Friends+Me a week or two ago on TWiT. I’ve only just signed up (because I was on a business trip and I promptly forgot about it). I’ve been trying other stuff over the years and never stuck with anything, but it looks like Friends+Me has everything that was missing from all the other services I’ve tried. Yay!


  3. so now Friends+Me how come I can’t include my Twitter anymore? I am allowed 5 accounts but you blocked my Twitter? Why? I don’t post here as much and so NO NEED to go premium. If I’m posting more I’ll get the PAID ones.


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