All premium features FREE for EVERYONE!

All premium features FREE for EVERYONE!

I am super excited to share that we’re launching new adjusted plans where all features are available. Previously premium features are now at disposal to use to every single Friends+Me user for free.

All current customers are grandfathered so nothing changes for them.

Your new premium plan will grow with your success!

With new business plans you’ll be able to buy add-ons to increase the limit of accounts to connect and team members to invite.

What new features are at the reach of your fingertips?

+ Schedule posts for your Google+ Pages

21 thoughts on “All premium features FREE for EVERYONE!

  1. Alois Bělaška I just keep you reminded. If it fits your business, I am sure you will include Flattr or PayPal for donations or setup some lower paid account options.

    However, I just want to thank you for your great work 🙂


  2. Beau Hebert Thomas Heine you can donate by subscribing to a premium plan for a month and canceling subscription before renewal. It is the easiest way at the moment.


  3. So I’ve been doing 4.99.. I hit cancel and it should still post from personal G+ to where I wanted it to go? ..or will it just not go through since that price doesn’t exist anymore? ty


  4. I’m not really understanding the changes? I was paying $2.50pm (annually) and had 4 G+ accounts connected (1 account plus 3 G+ Pages) and now it shows me as 4 connected accounts out of 3. Does this mean that I have had my account downgraded? I was paying for Premium features before and as those features are now free, I should have the same capabilities? For private use I can’t afford to move up to $9 per month.


  5. matthew rappaport Danie van der Merwe all current customers are grandfathered so nothing changes for them and I will not force them to upgrade to new plan.
    Danie van der Merwe limit of STANDARD plan was changed a long time ago. Nothing changes for your account and you can keep connected all your 4 G+ accounts and everything will work as usual.


  6. Friends+Me
    I was wondering what happened as it was not doing anything for me for awhile. I just went back in and it said I had to reconnect with my accounts and so I did. So now it looks like I have 5 accounts connected and scheduling enabled. Does this mean I can add more accounts? I am confused…….or does this mean I have to upgrade to get more accounts. When this was working it was doing fine but for some reason it had stopped. I think I have it going again but I’m not sure.


  7. Arthur Morehead 5 accounts is all that free plan allows you to connect, if you want more accounts you’ll have to upgrade to a premium plan, Just+Me plan is only $9/mo and it’s totally worth it!


  8. Alois Bělaška
    Oh yes I have no doubts I was just checking to make sure I was on the same page. I may have to change hosting for my WordPress which means changing my IP will that effect anything?


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