Hey everyone, I have a question for you regarding link shortening!

Hey everyone, I have a question for you regarding link shortening!

What are some other link shortening use cases if we rule out making long links shorter because it’s just shorter?

What? I am trying to figure out why are people using link shortening, what are their use cases and if there’s a better way to achieve those goals for example using Google Analytics and “UTM tracking”.

Why? I am thinking hard about how to integrate click-through analytics to Friends+Me to deliver the best value in the less annoying way.)

Thank you ALL!

6 thoughts on “Hey everyone, I have a question for you regarding link shortening!

  1. Aside from the obvious character count reasons, I use it for aesthetic reasons. Sometimes it just looks better to use a short link than a 10000 character url. I also use goo.gl for the analytics sometimes. That’s my main 2 use cases.


  2. I agree with both of the above – I really can’t stand super-long links that create an entire paragraph size block of text – depending on the origin, of course. It’s just not reasonable to expect people not to shorten if they are at all internet capable. I use goo.gl, too.


  3. Another reason to use link shortening, with the right shortening service, is a secondary source of tracking. You can use it to configure Google analytics to track that specific link. You use that specific link for, say G+. You use a different version for each digital property you share on.

    This allows you to start your conversion funnel at a much more specific level and can save time, with proper analytics configuration, in tracking your various marketing efforts.


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