Your Personalized Weekly CircleCount Newsletter

Your Personalized Weekly CircleCount Newsletter
Google+ Statistics in your Inbox

Today we have sent out our first newsletter.
You can see the first part of the newsletter in the screenshot.

You will find there:
☞ the tip of the week
☞ your follower growth of the last 7 days
☞ the change in your follower and view growth
☞ the responses on your posts last week and the week before
☞ your top posts of the last 7 days
☞ the people from your circles having birthday in the next week
☞ the visitors of your profile
☞ the Cream of the Crop of the last 7 days

Did I mention that it’s free? 😉
Here you go:

Some stats since we love #transparency :
– right now there are 814 subscribers
– 597 have received already the newsletter
– the others will receive it in the coming 2-3 hours
– 170 have already opened the newsletter (in average 3 hours after the newsletter has been sent)

Have you seen it already in your inbox? Do you like it? 
Feel free to share it with your circles 😉

Thanks a lot for beta testing in the last weeks Markos Giannopoulos Lee Smallwood Jaana Nyström martin shervington Rajesh Narayanan Bearman Cartoons Giovanni Totaro pio dal cin Octavio Alonso Maya Castro Christine DeGraff Luc Suy (in no specific order)
#circlecount #newsletter #DiscoverGooglePlus

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