Publish to Google+ Pages with Friends+Me #FriendsPlusMe

Publish to Google+ Pages with Friends+Me #FriendsPlusMe

I’d like to introduce you this long time awaited feature which is available only for premium plans (with the exception of personal plans) and can be used in two different ways.

1. You can create a new post on Friends+Me site, attach a link or a photo and publish to Google+ Page immediately or schedule for later.
2. Reposts to Google+ Pages. You’ll be able to repost from Google+ profiles and pages to other Google+ pages. Yay!

In case you need any help to use this new feature, please visit our Google+ Page Management help page

You’ll be able to manage comments for all posts published using Friends+Me. Also basic analytics is included to see number of +1 and reshares.

It’s just a first release, so be ready to see some improvements over time.

How to enable publishing feature for already connected Google+ page accounts? Easy, all you have to do is to reconnect Google+ page account. See how to reconnect an account

Don’t forget to subscribe to one of our super affordable premium plans in order to use this amazing time saving feature. Check our new pricing page

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29 thoughts on “Publish to Google+ Pages with Friends+Me #FriendsPlusMe

  1. Awesome – couple of questions:
    You can only schedule posts starting on the next day and not in the future on the day you’re actually on? Like in an hour from now? 

    Is there any possible way to see a preview of how our link will look when we include it ..and does it matter if we include it in just the link section or can it be in both? Also for video links to ensure we get the large player embedded and not just a small link thumbnail.

    Thanks for this – it’s awesome!


  2. I dont normally do this but I recommend this app to everyone looking for an easy repost svc. Its simple & thorough; with the new Google+ features it’s the perfect tool. Ive been using it for about a year & it just keeps getting better.
    If you dont have a lot of time this is the one (no Im NOT being paid to say this 🙂


  3. Great work – quick question. My post published through your website has appeared on G+ page but hasn’t been sent to Twitter, a post published directly on G+ has been reposted via Friends+Me to twitter as normal. Is this a known bug or is it more likely I am doing something wrong?


  4. Ray Abrams it’s really amazing to see that something I created can help other people. Thank you!
    M&P Laser Scanning it was not implemented yet, but it’s just a matter of a few more days. Stay tuned!


  5. Chuck Boschen we’re having some issues with the new G+ Page API. We work on a solution with G+ team but communication is “slow”.
    Please, in case you see unfinished repost like that go to the queue. Every queued repost can be forced to process with “Send Now” button.
    Thanks and sorry for the trouble.


  6. Paul Spoerry still no public write API. The only workaround requires username and plain password. It’s hard to design application for such a harsh security conditions.


  7. OIC..  I didn’t know that Alois Bělaška. Thanks for the heads up. I was actually thinking getting more content out there (Friends+Me automagically pushed) might get me to engage more out there hehehehe ce la vi


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