Good news everyone! Brand new features!

Good news everyone! Brand new features!

Friends+Me has reached 20,000 happy users!

At the occasion of this tremendous success we’ve released improved FREE plan with reduced limits and some brand new features you will find very useful.

Other very important thing to mention is the new Friends+Me service status page where you can see all on going or scheduled incidents.

Connect more accounts with new FREE plan
The new free plan allows you to connect 1 account for every network supported by Friends+Me. So for example, you’ll be able to connect your Google+ profile or page, Facebook profile, group or page, one Twitter account, Linkedin profile, group or page and one Tumblr blog, all that for free.
Now you can give Friends+Me a proper try for free.

What new features?
 – Custom “noshare” hashtag
 – Less permissions required for signing-up
 – Sign-up with a Google+ Page account
 – Connect more than one Google+ profile
 – Re-schedule queued posts to a custom time
 – Retry failed reposts
 – Reconnect account to update description/image

Do you want to know more?

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