12 thoughts on “As you may have already noticed, we have a new status page where you can find Friends+Me service status. http://status.friendsplus.me

  1. It could just be that your DNS hasn’t updated. I’ve had new websites take up to 24 hours to propagate. Sometimes I can get to a website right away on my phone, but it takes a while on the computer. I’m currently using OpenDNS and it lets me right to it.


  2. John Livingston I think you’re right. I’ve updated DNS record just a few minutes ago. So the page should be accessible to all users within a few more hours. Alan Bush


  3. Franke Thomas To be honest, an app that did nothing but this wouldn’t be worth spending time on. If you want easy access on your phone, why not just create a shortcut to this website on your homescreen. That way you touch the icon and it shows the page, I think that would accomplish what you want without needing an app.


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