Best Google+ Tools To Simplify Your Marketing Activities

Best Google+ Tools To Simplify Your Marketing Activities

Good evening guys, whether you’re an individual marketer or a brand, it is so important to have a strong presence on Google+. We all know that, isn’t it? But the most common issue among marketing pros is not having enough time to get things done efficiently. And that’s exactly why we use tools and sites that help us get things done quickly and brilliantly.

Couple of weeks back, I’ve made a thread here asking the humans of Google+ to share their favorite Google+ marketing tools and websites, and here’s the result of that discussion.

As always, CircleCount remains as the most recommended G+ tool 🙂

Check this list of Google+ marketing tools you guys suggested:

I’d like to thank CircleCount, Circloscope, Friends+Me, Google Plus Follower Stats, Steady Demand,, PicMonkey, RebelMouse, Sprout Social for answering my message and providing the necessary details. 🙂

#googleplustools #humansofgoogleplus #marketingtools

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