New pricing plans + unlimited FREE #FriendsPlusMe

New pricing plans + unlimited FREE #FriendsPlusMe

Happy New Year 2014! Friends+Me evolved during the last year into a fully featured service that provides continuously increasing value to all its users and so the time has come to turn Friends+Me into a fully grown business.

We have decided to extend pricing plans and to offer unlimited number of reposts and every existing Friends+Me feature to everyone. This important step will allow us to provide so insanely great customer support and stable social broadcasting platform with great new features. Lets see our new pricing page

Existing paying customers will be unaffected by the new prices and will continue paying at the price they originally signed up at. New pricing plans and new limitations will not affect them in any way unless they change their subscription.

There is a plan for everyone. Looking forward to your feedback.

The new FREE plan is absolutely amazing. Even though you will be able to connect only 2 more accounts, the number of reposts is not limited in any way and you will be also able to enjoy fully link shortener, reposts scheduling and delaying, even reposts from Google+ page.

Newly introduced PERSONAL plan is everything you need to promote your Google+ profile posts to other networks. It allows to connect up to 10 accounts without a Google+ page support. For $2 a month, it is a total bargain.

Other new plans, STARTER ($4/mo), BASIC ($8/mo) and PROFESSIONAL ($24/mo) are designed for users with more social accounts to manage and provide faster reposts and much more accounts to connect to your Friends+Me profile, including Google+ pages.

New pricing page:
Blog post:

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33 thoughts on “New pricing plans + unlimited FREE #FriendsPlusMe

  1. I tried a link post but when it got to FB the preview was a small little square and not the (new) large preview I was expecting… any chance that will be fixed, or just a glitch?


  2. This looks great. I think the prices look very fair. I do think the fact that the free one allows 1 Google+ page and the $2/mth doesn’t is a little odd. I think you should make Google+ pages a paid only feature- and add it to the $2/mth plan.


  3. And do the new pricing plans include the option to post from a Google page & share the post to a Google profile as a destination Friends+Me? Much love and thanks!


  4. Ulderico ZE MACHADO Bruce Kraft we do not support reposts of entire photo albums only of cover photos.
    Bruce Kraft my guess is everypost negotiated a special deal with pinterest. There is not feature compared to 2013, we’ve just redesigned our pricing. Automatic publishing to G+ profiles is still not available outside of Google.


  5. My colleagues n Facebook asking why I have friends+me hashtag on my FB status and they seems to be very keen to join the services however given this lack of flexibility will not motivate them to use F+me. Your team Friends+Me just have to fine minimum way to add this features. Overal, its nice service, and really appreciate whoever ideas behind this app.


  6. Ulderico ZE MACHADO do you mean control hashtags? #ft, … there’s an option that forced Friends+Me to remove them, it’s the button with lock icon right next to every control hashtag in “Routing” tab of account detail. Also reposting of entire photo albums is not a good idea, to repost only cover photo with back-link to Google+ photo album seems to be the best possible option here.


  7. Friends+Me is it possible to post from a g+ personal profile and have it auto post to a g+ business page as a destination? Thank you for the quick responses!


  8. Free plan is amazing, finally I can try it for my small business(g+ page) and decide what I need.. thanks!

    But I agree, there is no reason for me for upgrade to PERSONAL because of no page. I suppose you should add 1 page as well.


  9. Help! I made a mistake! I joined Friends+Me with the wrong Google account! In other words I accidentally joined with my personal account (which I hardly ever post to) instead of my Google+ Business page (which I ALWAYS post to!) How do I remove my personal account from Friends+Me and then add my Business account? Please forward this message to the manager / administrator!


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