Easily Manage Multiple Social Networks

Easily Manage Multiple Social Networks

Every business or individual uses multiple social networks but, how can you easily manage the content that gets distributed? In our latest blog post we detail how to use and set up our favorite management tool.

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H/T Friends+Me  and Alois Bělaška 

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8 thoughts on “Easily Manage Multiple Social Networks

  1. Felipe Barros Ahh.. yes, there are limits but, it is free. We used the free version until we hit the limit and by then we loved it so much that the $30 USD per YEAR was a great bargain. We don’t know of a more affordable tool that does the same thing.


  2. I appreciate such a detailed post. I have a question regarding the initial set up. We are asked “to allow Google to let the people in these circles know that you have signed into this app with Google.”  We have the option of adding various circles or selecting Only You. How does Friend+Me operate depending on which of those you choose? Thanks.


  3. Heitz Digital, LLC Alois Bělaška 
    Thank you for such a detailed post. I would like to ask you something. It seems we only can link back to Google+ posts with Twitter. I’ve read your opinion about is not necessary to link back to google+ with other network because we can read all post(I mean there are not cut off as in Twitter), but what I want is to link back to google+, from linkedin, because I want people can find, see, read… all my posts together. Is it that possible? Could it be possible?


  4. Pat Carreras LinkedIn won’t cut the post short like Twitter will so for each post it’s not necessary to link back to the original G+ post.

    If you want your LinkedIn followers to read more of your G+ posts, I would simply post a link to your profile on G+. I’m not aware of any other way to get your LinkedIn following over here, then again, they may not follow you here anyway.

    You should treat each social media site differently. Those that are active on LinkedIn will tend to stay and only a few will migrate. That’s why Friends+Me is such a great tool. You can post your content one time and have it available to the other major networks.

    I hope this helps – CJ Heitz


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