26 Tips to Create Social Media Magic for Your Business

26 Tips to Create Social Media Magic for Your Business

Have you found your brand’s social media is hitting a wall? Social media marketing takes time, talent, and a lot of creative brain power and it’s possible to get burned out. I’m going to share some easy, actionable items that you can do to put the social media magic back into your brand.

1. Create a weekly Google+ Hangout series to highlight your brand’s services, talk about industry updates, or to connect with customers. These will live on YouTube and be sharable on your blog and throughout all your social media platforms.

2. Use your super size cover photo to make an impact. At 2120 x 1192, you have no excuse for lacking visual impact. If you are design challenged, hire someone to create something memorable for you.

3. Use Friends+Me  to connect your Google+ to other social channels. Use this for thoughtful sharing from Google+ to other social platforms.

4. Highlight your business’s accomplishments on your About page. There’s a lot of rich territory on Google+ so utilize it to boost your social SMO throughout the web.

5. Get your Google+ authorship set up. As Mark Traphagen  says, “Google wants to pump you up in search.” Connect your Google+ account and receive a boost in Google search.

I hope that these tips will spark some new ideas and get your brain fired up for creating some social media magic of your own!

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For part one of this series, see Rebekah Radice’s post https://plus.google.com/108493275257625053433/posts/cLB8ESa45Po

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