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  1. Rick Hansen visit http://friendsplus.me and hit the “Get started” button.

    Kim Beasley Mitch Wagner Luis Roca I have enabled Tumblr support for your accounts. Visit your dashboard, add a new Tumblr destination account and give it a ride.


  2. Chris Payne I have enabled Tumblr support for your account. Give it a try.

    Alexandre Trotta so you want a Google+ posts published to a non-public circle to be reposted to a specific Facebook friend? Do I understand you correctly?


  3. Friends+Me When I click on the link in the title, it takes me to the article instead of to the post. Is there a setting that I need to change. Or is it like this on all of the reshares?


  4. Kim Beasley it is like this for all reshares. I can make it work the same way as Facebook repost. And add option “Always link back to the original Google+ activity” so the link will go to shared content or to the original Google+ post.


  5. Friends+Me I will soon. 

    I notice when posting a link, it appears on Tumblr as follows:

    – Original headline
    – My text
    – brief horizontal line
    – The original blurb. 

    That was surprising. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a feature.


  6. Friends+Me I’d prefer it just reproduce my post, without the original blurb, which Google+ does not include. I’m concerned about confusing Tumblr readers.


  7. Mitch Wagner I have removed “the original blurb” from repost. We could make it configurable in the future because I feel it just fits well to blog posts. The repeated text is fixed.


  8. Alexandre Trotta we believe “soon” is until the end of this month and repost FB Groups will be soon also 😉

    Luis Roca interesting idea, we’ll check that.


  9. So what do you think? Is there something about Tumblr reposts we can improve, fix or change?

    Mark Rivera Kim Beasley Mitch Wagner Luis Roca


  10. Friends+Me Luis Roca suggests a brilliant feature: Support for Markdown-style links in Tumblr syndication. 

    Post a link to G+ using Markdown style, and it converts to a true hyperlink on Tumblr. 

    This would support both inline and reference links.

    Also, paragraphs preceded by a “>” on Google+ would get converted to blockquotes on Tumblr. 

    Luis Roca Are there any other Markdown features that should be converted to HTML in Tumblr? G+ handles bold and italics differently than Markdown does, so F+M would have to respect the G+ style there. 

    I’d really love to see this kind of Markdown supported by F+M.


  11. Mitch Wagner Luis Roca that sounds like an interesting idea, but technically a bit complicated.

    Du Sponda Tumblr support is enabled for your account, give it a try!


  12. Friends+Me I’m curious: Why complicated? I should think it would be fairly simple. You translate +mentions to live links on Tumblr — which I love — I’d think this would be simpler. What am I missing?


  13. Mitch Wagner Luis Roca Du Sponda  I gave it a second thought and it wouldn’t be technically that hard to accomplish. I’ll add this feature to roadmap as a low priority task.


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