Please notice that we will start to migrate non-premium beta accounts to the FREE plan tomorrow!

Please notice that we will start to migrate non-premium beta accounts to the FREE plan tomorrow!

UPDATE: Migration is complete.

39 thoughts on “Please notice that we will start to migrate non-premium beta accounts to the FREE plan tomorrow!

  1. not looking forward to the change. now it will be pointless to use the service without paying for a year. Well I don’t have the money right now and  might stop using the service because of this.


  2. I have enjoyed the free BETA period and I am thankful for it lasting so long. Moving to a paid structure is definitely a good idea due to the value you provide along with the great customer service. I think the discounted price of $4.00 for the monthly or $40 for the first year are great prices. You have made a really great service very affordable for everyone one. 🙂


  3. Hi have a rather dumb question.  Currently, I am using the service that post from my personal public stream to twitter. [this is fine]  However; can I use the service to take my business G+ page and post to the same twitter feed and to my FB Business page?


  4. Indeed Eric Grassi and what disappointed me in the exchange with Friends+Me is that they would charge me seperately for each and every Gaccount I own (about 10, I would like to have it at least on 3 included in one subscription) 😦


  5. May have been a smarter move to allow those on the Beta to keep the connections they’d set up for FREE, as a way of saying thank you for bug finding and helping grow the community. #justsaying


  6. Steven Barra Allan Parker Friends+Me To make my position clear. I didn’t see a voucher code. But will look again at the email. If one is not there I’ll contact the team direct. I think the idea of a discount for Beta’s is nice, kind even. Perhaps Alphas, should there have been any, could have been entitled to a free account. I digress. I think Alan makes an excellent point. Developers should be rewarded, no question. My point was that it may have been a smarter as in strategic move, to reward Beta’s higher than a discount. Somewhere between a discount and free forever. My hunch is the discount is a little low for driving more reach. I would have gone for 1st year free. The psychology here is you are taking away something that users had, first liners. Better not to take away too quickly.

    All this aside, and it’s of course subjective, I like the service and may look at using the pro in the future, possibly even for clients.

    I would need scheduling and post edit capabilities too though, but I think those are on the roadmap?

    Finally to the comment by Steven, I have no idea what you are taking about! Your comment doesn’t resonate with me at all, especially your comment about not trusting apps outside of the US, wtf?!

    Hope that clarifies things.


  7. Linda Odell free plan is limited to 40 reposts per month and you have hit this limit a few days ago. You can go premium, prices are affordable and you will support development of Friends+Me service.


  8. Friends+Me you must have counted posts before the change because I have only shared 20 posts with Facebook and the is also what my friends+me dashboard says my last post was seven days ago.


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