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  1. Ok so your reaching out for more ways to pay ? If it was me I would only stick to PayPal . Google. Because the more payments outlets you have it makes your product cheap and nasty ……
    But that’s my thoughts……


  2. Matt Spaanem you can do all the card payments with PayPal or Google I don’t know any online retail that only does payments with individual cards it wouldn’t make sense with all the fees you would have to pay to each of them when you can only pay one fee to take all cards …


  3. My post did not repost to twitter or facebook today.  Im wondering if there are problems in the system .  i do not see anything wrong with my settings as it was fine the last two posts since we last spoke.  I am very dissapointed after having thought I worked out the bugs already.  I’m going to post a second time & hope it works.


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