Introducing paid plans!

Introducing paid plans!

First of all, let me thank you for your amazing support during the Friends+Me beta period.

Subscribing to a paid plan will help Friends+Me team to deliver even more value to you. You can read more about our plans in the latest blog post.

See our pricing page

You are free to upgrade your plan anytime you want. But Friends+Me is going to apply limits according to the free plan to all not upgraded accounts from 10 July 2013.

What will happen if you do not upgrade your plan? All Google+ Pages you have connected to your Friends+Me account will be deactivated (but not deleted). The number of your reposts will be limited to 40 reposts per month. The selection of URL shorteners will be limited to only. You will be able to remove all limits by upgrading your plan.

We understand that not everybody needs all the features we offer and that is why we have decided to keep the free plan.

Friends+Me is a proud member of a Google+ community and wants it to grow and prosper. World is a big place and the Internet is here to bring people closer to each other and Friends+Me wants to make it so.

Thank you all for your support and stick with us, it is going to be an amazing ride.

39 thoughts on “Introducing paid plans!

  1. Hi, Interesting development and a good business model/sane pricing plan.

    Why no mention of:
     – SLA (e.g. target uptimes, support responsiveness)
     – How many people are involved in providing the service? Who’s the team?
    no of Devs, Admins, Support people.

    Feedback: Before I sign up to a paid service I want to understand these sorts of things so that I can value the service (relaibility, quality, support) and make the decision as to whether I’m getting value for money.


  2. Hey Steve Adams good questions!

    Friends+Me team is just me, Alois Bělaška, at this time. I am bootstrapping this service, so without paid plans it will always be only one man show 😉

    It is too soon to talk about an SLA. I’ve managed to respond to every request within 24 hours, usually it is up to 6 hours and I intend to keep response time that low.
    So far I have heard no complains about the customer support. Friends+Me community is the proof of the high quality support and you’re with us long enough to know that.

    I am transparent about a lot of things. When we have some sort of technical problems, I always let you know. That’s confirmed experience. I am not hiding anything from you, I don’t have to and I don’t want to either.

    Quality of Friends+Me service is continuously going up. Existing features are being improved and a lot of new ones will be available soon.

    Trust is essential to us and I can only hope I have earned yours.


  3. Hi Alois Bělaška ,
    Yes that all makes sense and is sort of my understanding.

    Why not HAVE that information (or something like it) on the website / explained as part of the deal.
    I think it plays well/sounds fine when you explain it like that… that you are a committed individual is a GOOD thing… plus if you have any plans to bring in other staff if/when your revenues are there.
    Assuming you might have a day off occasionally or may be unwell for a day or two (not that I want you to be 🙂 )


  4. Hi Guillaume MAURIN, I understand your concerns. Please understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Paid plans prices are reasonably low for current feature set.


  5. Steve Adams you can always show me what needs to be improved and I am grateful for that. I will add “About us” page to Friends+Me web.

    About my days off 🙂 F+M service is more stable with every day and when something goes wrong I know about it immediately.


  6. I’ll vouch for this service.. I tend to limit my public posts anyway, and only have it share to Twitter and LinkedIn.. The idea being for me to tease folks into signing up to G+.. The developer has always without fail responded promptly to service requests, and I have had no issue promoting their service wherever applicable! I can definitely see the value for money for a corporate social media marketer..


  7. Hayden Coonan 
    Yes – that’s my experience too 🙂
    To be clear.. by saying these things (SLA type stuff) should be addressed / clearly stated as part of the terms I’m not saying the service IS not adequate or good… I’m just saying don’t forget to tell people WHAT they are getting for their money (& take the opportunity to set expectations).


  8. 3$ per month !! This is just perfect !
    Althought, you should announce your month prices in place of years prices, at first i was confused and i was thinking it was 30$ per month !!

    On the other side, i’m not confortable with the kind of payment you propose, is it possible to do with paypal or google checkout ?


  9. This seems to be a very good solution.  At present, I can’t get my G+ page to work properly with F+M, so I won’t miss that.  One or two posts per day – should be enough for me.  I’ll see how it goes.  If I find I’m getting towards the end of the month and losing reshares, I’ll look to subscribe.

    I can also attest to the speed and attentiveness of support from Alois to date.  Keep up the great work!


  10. It’s okay, I think it’s because I’m trying to share page posts to a facebook ‘person’ which is different to the facebook person I want my personal posts to go to.  I think the facebook API can’t handle this, as it’s always signed in as either one or the other, but never both.


  11. Any idea of when you might include tumblr or foursquare support Friends+Me ? You’ve already confirmed it but I haven’t heard of any updates on including those networks… Thanks and I’ll be sure to try the paid version…


  12. The ONLY thing that keeps me from jumping on to a paid plan is the that Facebook continues to deactivate in the Friends+Me dashboard and fails to re-post anything.  I’d go pro in a heartbeat if this were fixed.


  13. Hey Chris Hoyt Friends+Me sill disables our Facebook account, because you’ve changed your Facebook password and Facebook than invalidated all access tokens including the one you’ve granted to Friends+Me application. It can be easily fixed. Go to F+M accounts and choose your Facebook account, find “Settings” menu and choose “Reconnect” option. Than do as the dialog says and you’re good to go 🙂

    I believe Friends+Me sent you an email notification when disabled your Facebook account for the first time.


  14. Yes, I tried that a few times Friends+Me and will try it again.  But you should know that in IE your site db wouldn’t load and in Chrome the large blue button to reconnect/authorize wasn’t doing anything.  In addition, there was a server error for a period of time from your authorization link provided in another update to someone else.
    Hoping to fix the issue today, though! (it’s a good sign when I can’t wait to give a tech some $’s, LOL)


  15. Nope.  The “Login and Reconnect Facebook Profile” button still doesn’t do anything when clicked. (at least for me.)  Sorry, Friends+Me.


  16. I wish that were the issue, Friends+Me but it’s not.  I’ve no popup blocking, I’ve removed and reset the app (although it keeps showing up) and the button still isn’t doing anything when clicked.  It could be a user issue, but I’ve tried it on IE and Chrome on two different machines and have had no luck.


  17. Chris Hoyt that’s crazy and when you go to his address and click the “Get started” button do you see the Google+ sign-in popup window?

    The other solution would be to remove the problematic FB account and connect again.


  18. Okay… JUST worked!  Didn’t do anything differently and just tried again before giving up.  It must have detected my desperation, lol.


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