Tips to Generate More Social Media Traffic from Google+

Tips to Generate More Social Media Traffic from Google+ 

“To get more traffic from Google+ I wanted to point out how the newest features can help you get more traffic even with minimal efforts on your part. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the new stream makes the social network feel more like a social news discovery website. Whenever you read a card on the Google+ stream, you can click on it to see related stories that you might be interested in. Google+ is also now able to scan through updates and photos and add relevant hashtags to them, taking it one step closer to becoming a new type of social network – a blend between a regular social network and a personalized newspaper.” via Lilach Bullock 

Let’s now take a look at the best ways to drive traffic from Google+:

1. Optimize your profile! Complete it with some keywords on your niche.

2. Great avatar and cover photo a must.

3. Grow your circles. Add widgets and buttons to your website so people can find you.

4. Share your Google+ content on Pinterest and other social platforms with Friends+Me 

Serious Plussers are here for the conversation and information! 
“This is another tip that works with all other social networks. By engaging constantly with other users constantly with other users, you will be able meet more people and grow your circles, you will get more engagement in return and ultimately you will grow your traffic.  *Here are some of the best ways to engage*:

• +1 posts that you find interesting or engaging
• Comment on other people’s posts
• Ask and answer questions
• Share other people’s work
• By taking the time to comment and talk to other people, you will start building more relationships, grow your follower base and eventually grow your traffic. Not to mention the added bonus of the SEO benefits!”

6. Add appropriate hashtags so that more people can find your posts. It works wonders when you are new.
*Hashtags can help:
• Increase your engagement per post or tweet
• Make connections
• Build your following

Have more FUN! That makes everything more awesome, right?

Are you using Google+ to generate traffic back to your website/blog? Which methods do you use?

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