37 thoughts on “Brand new version of Friends+Me, at your service!

  1. Sebastien Defrance thank you. So far it’s just me. I love this work, it is  something I am really passionate about. A lot of work done and a lot of work ahead. Somebody loves to watch TV, I love to build something out of nothing 🙂


  2. If enabled, Friends+Me reposts all posts you publish to public Google+ communities. So make sure you not just resharing a post you’ve previously publish on your G+ profile. Because  you will end up with duplicit posts in your destination networks. First reposted from G+ profile, second from G+ community.


  3. Is common that the tweet appears several minutes after?

    I say, I love the app and recognize your efforts, is maybe a FAQ but I  didn’t find it…

    Beforehand, thank you very much!

    UPDATE really, really sorry! my bad

    How does it work?

    Friends+Me regularly fetches all your publicly published Google+ activity in adaptive intervals (starts at 1, 5 and 10 minutes) and reposts the new ones to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts of your selection.


  4. Hi Friends+Me I’ve been clicking on the blue button on the home page to get my account started but nothing is happening.  Is there a pop up window that my  computer is blocking me from seeing?


  5. thank you – you’re now enabled.  That little circle is spinning and spinning … it’s making me dizzy lol.  I’ve a shocking slow internet speed here today  so eventually I might get further than the home page. I’ll try later on today 🙂 and see if I can get an account up and running.  Friends+Me


  6. Friends+Me  Im having trouble with the log in for the first time.  This is such a useful service I am hoping it works itself out tomarrow.


  7. I tried the cookies and turned off my pop up blocker still cant get through to the account,  The button just shows the spinning and nothing happens. I think but it may be one of my settings because I also cannot log in properly at another site.  I will have a mess of a time finding the setting that is incorrect but I’m hoping someone can help.  I even changed my internet setting preferences back to my default.


  8. I went to “account”, them clicked on “google+” then “manage apps” then “revoke access” then went to your site and double clicked a few times till the pop up for  finally access came up again to reinstate..


  9. It still is funky on one of my computers because of a security setting stopping the pop up.  At least I can log in from the one computer and my posts work..


  10. I’m now having problems with the website. It’s worked fine until the last couple of days, but now I’m having similar issues to other users in this conversation. When I hit the Get Started button I just get the spinning wheel. I’ve tried revoking access, but now can’t reinstate it. I can’t see any pop-up blocker issues. And I’ve tried on two different machines with several browsers. The site is version 1.2.18

    Update – Have managed to access it now on an older machine (that I’m about to get rid of) on Firefox, but not Chrome.


  11. I dont have chrome but i have xfinity norton with pop ups setting on and still cant log in on the desktop.  im sure it has something to do with my protection because sometimes i see the pop up box start then dissapear.thank god for the laptop where i did the set up.  it did work yesterday when i posted so all is well but i will be listening in on how he fixes this for my desktop.


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