Friends+Me  Overview and set up

Friends+Me  Overview and set up

– Friends+Me allows you to post to all the social networks at once. This is why I believe everyone needs this app. Those of you who identify as “social networking enthusiast”, your prayers have been answered.

– Below are the top reasons you should invest in this social networking tool as well as a short guide to setting it up to attract your friends to Google+ (The Best social network 🙂

3 Reasons to get:

1. You can save a lot of time.

– Lets say you like to use all 4 social networks (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin = G+,T,F,L) everytime you post; If you are like me, you are used to posting one after the other, copying and pasting your way to completion right?

– This old fashioned method is no big deal if you post once a day but after about 4 or 5 post, posting to G+,T,F,L  you can begin to calculate all the time you are wasting being a social networking guru.

– Example: Lets say it takes you 3 mins to compose your post PER social network… Math: 3 x 4 = 12 mins. Note: That is assuming you are posting (One unique article)… Lets say, you are a heavy poster and post around 5 articles a day… Do the math… That’s 1 hr… If you do this everyday that’s 7 hrs/ week. I’m sure you can do the rest of the calculations for the time you can save in a month.

2. You can easily expand your social networking influence to affect people… positively of course!

– Google+ is a fairly new social network and is steadily reaching the masses of Facebook. Being the Google fanboy I am… I find myself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to how often I want to post to either Facebook (FB) or Google+ (G+). I find all my friends are on FB while the large majority of  noteworthy information is G+. I cross share like a maniac usually.

– Friends+me completely erases this problem. I sit comfortable at the adult table (G+) and feed my FB friends sitting at the baby table. Please excuse my corny analogies 🙂

3. Friends+me is the best way to show your lazy friends how cool G+ is.

– We all know people can be very resistant to change and social networks are no different. The large majority of people say “Yea I have a FB, I don’t need any other social networks” I say you don’t need a car either… you could take public transportation right?  But for the masses cars are more convenient and allows you to be more productive. If people knew all the positives of Google+ coming from a pure learning standpoint I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to use it. Before I digress too much, I will hurry to my point… 

– With some of the posting options provided by friends+me you can lead people to the pot of knowledge that awaits them on G+. The service offers you options to connect your friends back to the source of  post on G+ which makes recruiting your friends to G+ easy. Your friends will begin to notice the links you post that are interesting to then continuously show up on G+.

Note: There is currently no way to use Friends+me backwards meaning forwarding FB post to G+

Below is a picture of my  friends+me dashboard settings:

– I have them set in such a way so the post on Facebook and twitter look regular (Including PICTURES and comments ) and when someone clicks the link it will redirect to G+ 🙂

Its almost like ridiculous fishing for your friends but it works…

God Bless and Happy Sharing!

Nicholas Pinn
Penn State Mechanical Engineering

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