7 thoughts on “We can see the future

  1. Looking forward to the integration of other networks, especially the blogging platforms; especially excited about the ability to remove Google’s “+” username when cross posting to other networks. It would be a high bar to achieve, but a system that reformats the “+Username” to “@Handle” for facebook or Twitter would be ideal.


  2. Removing + signs sounds very fine to me. My followers on other services haven’t been complaining, but the signs seem inappropriate to me. I’m less concerned about hashtags. There are rumors that Facebook will support hashtags.

    Will scheduling posts be supported for individual accounts, or only with pages? I only use F+M with an individual account, so pages support doesn’t help me.

    Would you be writing to blogging platforms, particularly Tumblr? I’d like that. Although currently I have f+m posting to Facebook and IFTTT posting from there to Tumblr, so native Tumblr support from f+m is not a huge priority for me. But it would be nice. I might want to post to Facebook and Tumblr differently.

    Those are my favorite features on your list. In particular, I’d like to see removing +s and hashtags, as well as scheduling for individual accounts.

    You’re doing great work here and I’m pleased to learn about your plans for future growth.


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