6 thoughts on “Hashtags on Facebook :)

  1. I heard there’s no timeline on this. could be a year. But why would you have to implement removal of hashtags from Facebook reposts? Facebook doesn’t care if they’re there…right? I’ve used them and seen them around…


  2. Add my vote to removing hashtags from F+M reposts until Facebook supports hashtags. I think it fits with the F+M philosophy — which I love — of making the reposts on FB and Twitter look as much like native posts as possible.


  3. Doesn’t bother me either way. Most of my FB friends don’t know what a hashtag is and they just look at me with that squinty eye like I’m a little off, but they’re mostly ignored. If/when FB decides to do something substantive with it, F+M won’t have to ‘undo’ any implementations they’ve put in place.


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