11 thoughts on “Fixed and improved repost of Google+ Checkin to Facebook as photo.

  1. Rodney Thomas you have registered Friends+Me Google+ Page. You’ll have to unregister this page and everything will be ok.

    Friends+Me will never send spam.


  2. This is pretty cool… the check-ins were ok before although “noisy” with the coordinates.

    Now it would be nice if we could choose the target location for something like this… after a while it gets “noisy” if you re-share pictures, and with the check-ins being pictures they might be grouped by facebook and it will say you shared 4-5 pictures to the Friends+Me album.

    There should be an option to post check-ins to at least a separate album.


  3. Rodney Thomas I’ve fixed bug that prevented this kind of reposts. This is situation when more people registered in Friends+Me the same Google+ Page.


  4. Amauri Viguera you’re right, it may become to be quite noisy. Facebook photo grouping is kind a double-sided sword. Lets give it some time and will see.


  5. Rodney Thomas no problem. I admit that sometimes those bug fixes can have confusing results 😀

    You can use UserVoice Feedback panel to report anything (it is the red button on the right side of the webpage)


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